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We support free expression in real time
As a contributor, you can publish whatever you like, whenever you like. Our platform treats all contributors equally – whether you’re a professional photographer, an essayist, or a tweeter.
We serve the public interest, not the agenda
That’s why we offer nothing less than complete editorial freedom and why the community chooses what content should be seen. We don’t decide what you should be interested in.
We challenge the status quo
We are not only non-partisan, but we allow new voices to challenge perspectives that have been entrenched by the traditional press. We believe in a fairer, more rounded picture of current affairs.
We encourage debate
There’s never one side to a story. We break down the one-way relationship between reader and reporter by giving you the tools to have your say and to hear what people really think about the biggest issues of the day.
We support journalism.
Our aim is to make independent, inquisitive, publicly-minded journalism sustainable. News is too important to fail. Our business model is designed to support the next generation of journalism.

We are in private beta
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