Best Life Insurance Companies Of 2020

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If there’s one that could benefit just about everyone in life, it’s purchasing a life insurance policy. It’s the type of long-term commitment that will protect your family in the event of your passing, and you can even utilize certain policies as a strategy to help safeguard your family’s wealth — but only if you get the right policy from the right carrier. Narrowing down a quality insurer is easier said than done, so this list will provide you with a few of the top names to consider while you’re out there shopping around.

Tracking Down The Best Of The Best

Labeling a company “the best” might be subjective, but when you’ve got enough expert opinions that you can thumb through and the likelihood that those picks are at least worth checking out steadily increases. That’s why we took a look at lists from Investopedia, Forbes, Business Insider, and US News to see which companies were ranked most favorably. Here’s what we found.


Investopedia selected Prudential for their best overall pick on life insurance. They first and foremost cited the company’s long history in the insurance game (more than 140 years), which they felt lent to a kind of experience and reliability that other insurance carriers couldn’t quite match. What’s more, Prudential offers multiple kinds of life insurance policies, so if you want lots of options to pick from, this company is a strong standout.

Pacific Life Insurance

Pacific Life Insurance was the highest scoring option on Forbes list of best insurance companies of 2020. They took insurance product review scores into heavy consideration in handing out that top slot, but also cited some other worthwhile qualities they felt Pacific Life displayed, such as superior cash-value gains on certain policies and a plentiful quantity of those high-level cash-value policies for insurance shoppers to select from.

Northwestern Mutual

Both Business Insider and US News gave Northwestern Mutual top-marks when it came to life insurance. Once again, experience was an important factor, and Northwestern Mutual has more than 160 years providing financial services. In addition they have a high customer satisfaction rating and offer a wide range of coverage options to suit almost all your insurance needs.

Finding What’s Right For You

This brief list should be enough to get you started on your search. While you’re evaluating different options, remember to compare what’s available to your own personal situation and specific needs. Once you find what aligns with your life insurance vision, you’ll know you’ve found a match that should work.

Paul Guerdo

Paul Guerdo