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AI Face-Scan Algorithms to Replace HR Interviews?

HR departments with some of the biggest corporations in America have added a new sci-fi wrinkle to their hiring gambits. A.I. Artificial Intelligence has now become one of the latest and most powerful tools used to process potential employees. If you want to work for one of the bigger concerns in the United States today, …

E-Signatures to Become Legal for Wills in Most States.

The ancient practice of making a will to take care of your property and assets dates all the back beyond ancient Greece. As most people understand it, a will here in the United States traces its legal form and basis back to the seventeenth century  and is based on English law. For many centuries one …


Can Smartwatches Help Prevent Car Accidents?

It might sound like science fiction, but new research suggests that smartwatches are earning their place amongst today‚Äôs top accident avoidance systems. As connectivity features increase, drivers with new vehicles are privy to a suite of luxury and safety features that usher in the future. So, where does a smartwatch fit in?  Driver Assistance Advanced …

2 of the Best Business Tools of 2019

I’m going to assume that you run or at least manage a small business as the founder or partner. Fair? Then I am guessing that you could benefit from finding out what the best business tools of 2019 are. As a founder of several companies myself, there are some tools I couldn’t live without. If …