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Making the most of your time

When one has so much on their plate, it is not always easy to ensure that everything gets done but that’s why Jonathan Osler is here to provide tips on how best to prioritize & make the most of the valuable time provided. Here are some of the ways in which one can ensure that they get all of their work done. One of the best ways to go about this is to make a list of everything that needs to be done in order of priority & check them off one by one as they begin completing each task on the list. This will ensure that all of the most important stuff gets done first & the rest of it will come later. By keeping one’s priorities straight, it will ensure that all the essential work is completed as soon as possible. The next bit of advice is to remove any distractions one may have. These kinds of things will just waste time & ensure that at the end of the day, nothing gets done. So by getting rid of these types of diversions, it helps to keep one’s focus & ensure that all of the necessary work is completed on time & in the most efficient manner possible. The only way they will be able to focus on their work is to ensure that 100% of the attention is on the task at hand. So this is why it is so important to remove anything that may be a distraction for these people. The next step to making the most of one’s time is having a working lunch. By working on tasks through a lunch break, it helps get more done than if one just decides to take time off to eat his lunch on a park bench or something. So by doing this, it will help to kill 2 birds with 1 stone as they work to prioritize all the time they still have left. One of the most important tips is to keep track of time via a watch or clock on the wall as this will ensure that the person is well aware of just how much time they have left &, as such, is able to adjust his work habits in accordance with this. By ensuring they know what time it is, it will help keep things in perspective as they race to get it all done in time. Finally, they want to make sure they are working around the clock if they hope to get it done before the deadline as this is the best way to ensure none of their time goes to waste. Because there is no time to waste, is it best to keep working as often as one can in an effort to ensure that all the work gets done before it is too late. So these are the tips Jonathan Osler recommends. As long as they follow this advice, there is no way they can go wrong.

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