Preventing Root Rot in Cannabis Plants

Root rot is a severe problem, especially when growing cannabis plants. In the same way as humans, cannabis roots also suffer from diseases. Root rot can be described as a group of diseases that affect the roots of the cannabis plant. This rot can be found in roots that are growing both indoors as well as outdoors. Plant pathogens get hold of the roots such as fungi, bacteria, and nematodes affecting the growth. The fungus has the potential to survive in the soil for a very long time, gradually destroying the root of the cannabis plant. There are various ways you can prevent root rot in cannabis plants. For more information, you can always refer to ILGM blogs. Check out this site based in Australia for a comprehensive guide to help prevent your roots from rotting quickly.

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Below are some of the preventive measures to help prevent the rotting of roots in cannabis plants.

  • The substrate plays a very vital role in helping the cannabis plants to grow successfully. Irrespective of where you are growing, always ensure you verify the quality of your substrate. The substrate’s origin is also essential and should be ascertained before you begin planning to grow your cannabis plants in them.
  • The soil selected for growing the cannabis plant should be aerated. The aerated soil should be mixed well so it can provide the roots with the minimum essential nutrients that are required for its growth. Soil plays a very crucial role in ensuring the plants do not rot quickly.
  • If you are growing cannabis plants indoors, keep the environment clean for the best results. Cannabis plants have adverse effects when grown inside a room that does not have the correct requirements and that can harm the plant’s overall growth. A fungus starts to develop in rooms that are not clean and that will slowly rot the plant.
  • Before sowing, ensure that the pot you are using is clean. Sediments leftover from the previous plant can affect the growth of cannabis roots. Ensure the pot is cleaned and has ample space to allow the root to find oxygen, nutrients, and water.
  • One of the main reasons for cannabis plants rotting is water issues. Cannabis plants hugely rely on the water, which keeps increasing during the growing phase of the plant. Ensure you provide regular water to cannabis plants. There should be a schedule maintained that helps you to water these plants at the right time for the best results. Too much water can also harm growth. Avoid overwatering these plants by keeping a constant eye on them.
  • You can also make use of root boosters once in a while to speed up the growing process. Root boosters encourage a healthy root system allowing you to see favorable changes quickly.
  • Cannabis roots also require proper ventilation for growth. Ensure that the pot you are using to grow the cannabis plant has proper ventilation in order to supply oxygen. The humidity of the soil should be maintained to avoid root rotting. Keep the humidity levels correct as required for growing both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants.
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