The Latest Biometric Security Solutions Developed by Vlatacom Institute and Vladimir Cizelj

Biometric solutions as elements of security technology are being employed by rising numbers of high-profile organizations. They have become an essential part of the security infrastructure that is rapidly shifting to digitalization and full automation. As a part of multifactor authentication, they are used for different purposes ranging from authentication to attendance tracking. 

Biometric technology manufacturers and system integrators like Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Institute distinguish themselves as reliable security partners. Moreover, they provide cutting edge solutions that guarantee multifold security benefits to governments, agencies, and enterprises.

Before we get more into Vlatacom technologies, let’s take a look at what biometric solutions are and how they function.

What are biometric systems?

Biometric technology represents the technology and techniques for identifying or confirming the identity of a person or document holder. The identification is based on physiological or behavioral traits. Moreover, physiological biometrics include the application of face or fingerprint recognition technology. This tech uses a person’s distinctive physical traits like face shape, palm shape, or iris. Behavioral biometrics refers to, for instance, a person’s web browser preference and typical ways they use. Together, they create another type of a user’s biometric profile for identification and/or tracking purposes.

The multifactor authentication technology can be divided into three categories: knowledge or something the user knows (e.g. PIN), possession or something the user has (e.g. travel document or ID card), and inherence or something the user is (e.g. fingerprint, hand shape, iris or retina, voice).

Biometrics span over the possession and inherence categories. Biometric devices verify the identity of a person by comparing physiological and/or behavioral inputs. Physiological input or biometric data like fingerprints and face image stored on a travel document for instance are compared against the biometric input during verification or authentication. 

Behavioral input refers to a user’s internet behavior, IP, cookies, and more. As we will focus on Vlatacom technologies that revolve around biometric solutions that use physiological biometric data, we’ll leave the story about behavioral biometrics for another time. 

Advantages of biometrics

As societies and businesses shift towards the digital realm, biometric technology becomes prevalent thanks to its advantages.

First of all, it provides a high level of security and assurance when it comes to identity verification. Moreover, it is a convenient and swift way of authenticating a person or user which contributes to a positive user experience. Physical biometric input presented upon authorization cannot be shared or transferred digitally which is another security benefit. In addition, face shape, fingerprints, or iris are, for the time being, almost impossible to duplicate which means that biometrics are copy-proof. 

Vlatacom Institute biometric security solutions

Vlatacom biometric security solutions fall into three general categories: enrollment, verification, and access.

Biometric enrollment

This type of technology is used for collecting biometric data or input necessary for the creation of IDs. The first front-end solution is the vKIOSK-E or Vlatacom Biometric Enrollment Kiosk. It is a self-enrollment station which possesses the hardware and software necessary for the ID enrollment process. Furthermore, it collects fingerprints, facial images, and signatures. 

Next, there is the vPBW or Vlatacom Portable Biometric Workstation for the collection of biometric data. As the name suggests, the device performs all relevant biometric acquisition functions while being portable at the same time.

The Vlatacom Rural Biometric Unit or vRBU takes mobility to another level. It enables on-site applicant enrollment, personalization, and personal and travel ID issuance in remote and rural localities. The unit is rugged and mobile and typically mounted on an all-terrain vehicle.

Biometric verification

The first verification system is the vKIOSK-V or Vlatacom Verification Kiosk. It is another stationary self-service station that verifies the identity or the biometric data (facial images and fingerprints) of an ID document holder.

VDR-H2 or Vlatacom Document Reader Handheld is used by security check personnel and officers to verify the identity of a person. It is a peripheral unit attached to a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer through a USB. It performs an e-document scan and data check of all relevant travel and identification document standards. 

There is also the vDR2-C-OEM or the Vlatacom Stationary Document Reader installed in security kiosks, for example. It scans the document and reads the chip of electronic IDs and verifies the biometric identity of the document holder.

Biometric authentication

Vlatacom Login & Access Device vLAD-1 is part of a security system with high levels of authentication process security. It is a small device that enables biometric access control to logical resources. Any user who wants to access a certain system goes through a three-factor authentication system which requires matching of their smart card, PIN, and fingerprint with the presented input.

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and Vlatacom Institute

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, founded Vlatacom Institute in 1997 as a privately owned company. Their efforts and high level of service and results led to it becoming the first privately owned research and development institute in Serbia in 2015

The team gathered around Vladimir Cizelj distinguish themselves as reliable security technology and system integration partners. Their dedication to innovation and optimal performance have been confirmed through collaborations with many governments and companies in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 

Moreover, their portfolio of national and international awards and research grants is additional testimony to the successful fulfillment of their mission. That mission is to deliver top engineering services and products in the areas of biometric technologies that exceed the expectations of their customers.

Final words

Biometric security solutions are essential elements of advanced security systems. Whether it’s border security or a high-profile organization system, biometrics are an efficient way of verifying a person’s identity. Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom are the go-to technology partners in this exciting technological field. Today, it’s fingerprints and facial images, and we are eager to see what tomorrow brings in the field of biometric security.