Top-rated Ladders for Professional Window Cleaning

There are many tools you need to operate a professional window cleaning business, but one of the most important ones is a ladder. A good ladder will help you reach hard to clean windows, and keep you safe while you’re shuffling about high above the ground. As such, it’s important to buy a ladder that is safe, sturdy, and easy to carry from job to job. Looking for a top-rated ladder for your window cleaning business?

We recommend checking out ladders made by the Metallic Ladder Manufacturing Corporation. Metallic Ladders offer fantastic rigidity and stability, and come in multiple easy to put together sections. By having a ladder made up of sectionals, you can assemble your ladder to your desired height at your destination instead of dealing with an extra length. We also find sectional ladders to be much easier to store the average car compared to a lengthy single piece ladder.

Metallic Ladder Manufacturing produces several different ladder sectionals, each of which have a different purpose or offers a unique benefit to window cleaners. Here are a few of our favorite, top-rated Metallic Ladder pieces:

Metallic Ladder Base with Swivel Safety Shoes

The Metallic Ladder Base with Swivel Safety Shoes is the most popular ladder base. The flared swivel feet provide a firmer footing, while also making it easier to adjust your position if you need to change your overall ladder height. For low window cleaning, this ladder alone can help you climb up and get the job done.

Metallic Ladder Top with Vee Groove

Whether you need to set a cleaning pole or squeegee down, or want a firmer hold against the side of a tall building, the Metallic Ladder Top with Vee Groove is a great sectional to consider. It easily attaches to other Metallic Ladder sectionals, and provides wide, large steps that will help your stability even as you clean high off the ground.

Metallic Ladder 4 Foot and 6 Foot Center Sections

According to current OSHA regulations, a fixed ladder cannot exceed 21 feet. With Metallic Ladder sectionals, a foot is lost with every piece you connect. For maximum height, you can attach up four different 6 foot sectionals together and stay within OSHA compliance. To achieve this, you’ll need a top, a bottom, and two 6 foot Metallic Ladder Center Sections

 For more precise height, you may also want to consider a 4 foot sectional, though for safety reasons we suggest never combining more than four different ladder sectionals together on the job.  

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