What are the most common causes of truck accidents in the US?

There is no doubt when we say that truck accidents are mostly catastrophic. Whenever a huge truck collides with an average-sized passenger car,  the latter can crash like an accordion. In fact,  the fatality rate is so high that more than 6000 Americans die every year in truck accidents. With such alarming statistics,  you must be wondering about the causes of truck accidents. 

There are several types of large trucks that you encounter on the road while driving,  garbage trucks,  tanker trucks, tractor-trailers,  tow trucks,  flatbed trucks,  and many more. Both the years 2021 and 2022  witnessed a noteworthy rise in the number of truck accidents. But before you rush to a truck accident lawyer in OC,  here are a few common reasons that you should be aware of. 

Distracted driving

Whether you are driving a car or a commercial truck,  distracted driving can always be dangerous and is considered illegal. If you are a truck driver who is distracted while driving,  this can lead to a catastrophic accident only due to the size of the vehicle. Truckers who keep texting on their mobile phones or taking their eyes off the road for a few seconds can cause damage to thousands of dollars in property and numerous facilities. This makes distracted driving one of the most common reasons behind the rise in truck accidents.


Some of the major tracking companies might utilize speed limiters or speed trackers on their company vehicles but all trucks don’t use this technology. Due to the huge size of commercial trucks,  speeding can be even more dangerous for truck drivers as compared to passenger car drivers. The bigger the vehicle you are driving,  the more time it will take to react to quick changes in speed or direction.  This is why truck drivers have less control over the vehicle if they are speeding.

Aggressive driving

Truck drivers are known to travel long distances and they usually drive on road for very long periods of time. Driving for a long span of time can increase their stress as they also have the pressure of delivering goods on time.  In case they don’t yield on time,  they might be punished for their incapability. This pressure often makes them aggressive drivers and this can seriously hurt other drivers and themselves.

Severe bad weather conditions

Poor weather is one more common reason behind truck accidents as it can reduce driver visibility and make it challenging for the drivers to control the trucks.  Snow,  rain,  wind,  ice,  and fog can have a detrimental impact on the concentration of the truck driver and lead to extensive injuries. Hence it is better to predict the weather conditions before setting out for a long journey. 

Due to the sheer size of commercial trucks,  they are more prone to accidents that can have a life-altering impact on the victim. If you are someone who drives a truck or you have had the experience of a truck accident,  make sure you drive carefully to stay safe. 

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