23 Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Electric Bill

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, you are all having to crunch numbers, trying to find a way to cut your costs down. You may think you are doing everything possible to decrease your bill, but you still see the power bill increase each month.

The only way to decrease the amount due on your bill is to reduce your consumption. Become more green aware, pay attention to your daily habits (as well as the habits of everyone living with you), and follow the 23 tips to help you save money on your electric bill found below.

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  1. Exterior Lighting – Change all your outside security lights to solar-powered ones.
  2. Shop/Garage Lighting – It is time to get rid of old fluorescent lights. Switch the bulbs to energy-saving styles, or replace the fixture for one that will allow the same bulbs you use in the house.
  3. Window Glass – If you do not have at least double pane windows, you need to replace them.
  4. Window Trim – Seal all the way around the windows and trim pieces with caulking, and if there are any gaps around the frame, use spray foam to fill them.
  5. Attic insulation – Above your head, in the layer between the ceiling and the roof, you will find that air leaks will happen. Insulate everything by hand or have a professional spray some into place. Ensure all areas are covered and insulated from the weather getting in and your heat getting out.
  6. Light Bulbs – All the bulbs in your house and outbuildings need to be changed to energy-saving variations.
  7. Lights – Turn the lights off when you leave the room, and turn them all off when the house is empty of people.
  8. Smart Lights – One viable option to remove the need to turn the lights off when you leave the room is to add a smart system with sensors to automatically do the task.
  9. Thermostat – If you turn the heat down one degree or the cold up one, you will see a significant difference in your bill. Your body will adapt, so go ahead and turn it a couple of clicks.
  10. Smart Thermostat – Replace your old thermostat with an intelligent version that can be programmed and locked internally to prevent adjustments. It will give you complete control from a mobile device, whether in the home or not.
  11. Crawl Space – You must ensure that the crawl space, or basement, is adequately insulated. All the ducts need to be wrapped with insulation, and the floor needs to have some sheets of thick insulation stabled into place.
  12. Compare Suppliers – Go online to a comparison site and find the cheapest electricity provider that gives you the best service.
  13. Outer Walls – Insulating all the exterior walls with roll insulation is a requirement but may need to be done when you are remodeling because the walls need to be open.
  14. Hot Water Heater – There should be a temperature setting on your hot water heater. Turn it down to 66 degrees Celsius ( 120 degrees Fahrenheit.)
  15. Shower – Use less hot water when in the shower, and decrease the time you are in the shower with the water running.
  16. Laundry – Use cold water for all your washing needs. Almost all the detergent today can work with any water temperature, but check the label to ensure.
  17. Exterior Doors Seals – You will want to check the weatherstripping regularly and replace it when needed.
  18. Exterior doors – Exterior doors need to be solid core or another style designed to be energy efficient.
  19. Exterior Door Frames – If any gaps are left from when the door was installed, fill them with spray foam.
  20. Filters – Change your heating and cooling filters at least once a year.
  21. Smart Power Strips – Plug in a smart power strip in each outlet and let it control when things are on and off, according to whether they are being used.
  22. Chargers – Unplug your laptop or mobile device when you are not charging them.
  23. Electronics – Turn all the electronics off when you are not using them, and stop using three devices simultaneously. 

There are so many little things that you can do that you may want to complete those changes before you tackle any of the other 23 ways to save on energy. It is crucial not only to change the way you converse power, but you must also teach those around you in the same house to be self-aware.