3 Postcard Design Tips for Highly-Effective Marketing

3 Postcard Design Tips for Highly-Effective Marketing

Everyone wants to talk about digital marketing these days. And while digital is certainly an important part of modern marketing, leaving print behind is a major mistake. In many cases, it’s more cost-effective and generates more meaningful exposure on an individual basis. And out of all the print marketing mediums, postcards are among the most valuable.

Why Postcard Marketing Still Works

Cutting through the noise is more difficult than it’s ever been. The average consumer is exposed to thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis and has become rather calloused when it comes to certain brand interactions. But in a world where people are overwhelmed by social media, blog content, and emails, direct mail marketing, like postcards, is thriving. Here’s why:

  1. Postcards are affordable. When designed and purchased in bulk, postcards are cheaper than just about any other form of direct marketing. It costs just pennies to send one (and the ROI clearly justifies this upfront investment).
  2. Postcards are highly targeted. While social media has certainly changed the way we view targeting, the fact is that postcards still offer very impressive targeting options – especially in terms of offline marketing.
  3. Postcards are different. Roles have reversed. In the early 2000s, we were talking about how digital marketing gave brands a way to stand out in a world of direct mail and physical marketing. Today, it’s postcards that help brands stand out in a marketplace that’s oversaturated with digital methodologies.

It doesn’t matter if you operate a small, local business or a large, multinational organization, postcard marketing is still effective. In fact, there’s never been a better time to consider it.

3 Tips for Better Postcard Design

Postcard marketing is an art and science. And while we don’t have the time or space to get into every aspect of the process in this post, we do want to focus on something that has a dramatic impact on the success or failure of a postcard marketing campaign. We’re talking about design, of course.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to design better postcards that convert at a higher than average rate. Take a look:

1. Choose the Right Size

“The first step before beginning your design is to decide which standard postcard size is right for you and your marketing campaign,” Printing Center USA advises. “Those standard postcard sizes are: 4×6,” 4.25×5.5,” 4.25×6,” 5×7,” 5.5×8.5,” 6×9,” and 11×6.””

Smaller postcards tend to be less expensive and are great for things like coupons and simple announcements. Larger postcards give you more space to deliver additional content, clearer images, and bigger logos.

2. Select the Right Card Stock

Postcards come in a variety of card stocks. They range from extremely thin, inexpensive paper all the way up to rigid, high-gloss options that are capable of standing up to a variety of elements. The key is to strike a balance between quality and affordability. You’ll also need to think about the longevity of the cards. Are your postcards designed to be viewed and thrown away, or are they intended to be carried around (like a coupon) or hung on a refrigerator?

3. Keep it Simple and Direct

It’s definitely tempting to fill up every pixel of your postcard with designs, but doing so may overwhelm and confuse people. Instead, learn to love white space.

As US Data Corporation explains, “White space is the empty spacing between the different elements of your postcard design. It defines the content of your postcard and creates a flow that gives your readers an understanding of where to start reading and where to stop. White space is your best friend. Without it, your postcard will look disorderly and would be hard to read.”

In addition to leaving lots of white space, you’ll benefit from keeping your messaging focused on a singular call-to-action. This eliminates distractions and establishes a very clear takeaway for the recipient.

Don’t Knock it Until You’ve Tried It

It’s easy to write off postcard marketing and direct mail as some old relic of the past, but to do so is to ignore what’s still a highly effective tactic. Try running at least one campaign this year and see what happens. You’ll almost certainly like what you discover.

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