3 Savvy Ways to Help a Direct Mail Piece Stand Out to Customers

3 Savvy Ways to Help a Direct Mail Piece Stand Out to Customers

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for an edge against your competitors in the race for sales, direct mail might be the perfect solution. But before you send out a single piece, make sure you have a winning marketing strategy in place. 

1. Make It Relevant

Tailored direct mail works best when your customers can relate to the product or service you’re selling. Imagine a letter you’re receiving in a seasonal get-well card. Instead of sending out generic holiday cards, please send a letter that showcases your top products and their new designs. You can also tailor your letter to specific customers.

For example, if you’re a home decor company and many of your clients are expecting a baby, send them a letter with new products that are most suited for baby rooms. Set up an automated email campaign so the email will pop up when these customers receive their letter and visit your site.

You can also build a relationship with your customers based on their lifestyle, buying habits or interests. For example, if you’re a pet sitter and furniture refinisher, send a letter to customers with products they could use in their homes. If they’re outdoorsy, offer them gift cards to sporting goods shops.

2. Make It Unique

Customers will look forward to opening your direct mail piece if it’s not just another newsletter or coupon mailing. Personalize your letter and add a touch of your unique personality to get customers interested.

If you’re targeting active skateboarders, make a statement by sending out a letter that stands out — perhaps a brightly colored envelope or customized stationery. A short, simple letter written in blue or green ink will capture the attention of younger customers.

If you’re targeting seniors, send a letter written in silver ink on pink paper with gold foil stamping. There’s a “wow” factor to this type of letter, and your target customers will notice.

3. Make It Clear

Knowing exactly who’s going to see your letter is the first step to ensuring that it gets opened and read. Being clear with your messaging will also help you send the right message. If your target audience is mothers, write a letter that speaks directly to them.

Think about what’s on their minds — how are they feeling? What do they want from you? Take advantage of any current promotions or sales to address these issues in your letter. Don’t just state these things matter-of-factly. Inject your voice and personality. Tell them how certain products will make their lives easier.

To help you think about the tone of your letter, read it aloud to yourself several times. Consider what you would sound like if you were speaking to someone face-to-face.

If you want to test your direct mail piece before it goes out, send a copy to a friend or family member. Give them a set of guidelines, such as “Do not open this letter and put it in the recycling bin.” See what they think of the letter, as well as their reaction. If they follow your directions, you know you have a winner.

These three tips can help you increase your direct mail sales by 150% or more. Test different types of letters and see which ones get the most action. And don’t forget to test a variation of your direct mail piece using email marketing, too.