4 Common Rug Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

4 Common Rug Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Rugs are a bit of décor that can really bring a room together. They’re warm, colorful, and inviting. They protect hardwood and marble floors, keep the feet warm in winter, and give the dog and the kids a soft place to play.

On the other hand, rugs take much more thought than, say, draperies. Making mistakes in choosing rugs is expensive and can throw off a room’s vibe. Here’s what not to do when choosing rugs.

1. Choosing a Rug Outside of Your Budget

Considering the expense is understandable. Rugs can range from $50 to $50,000 for a truly professionally hand-knotted silk rug. The snag to that is that more delicate fibers like viscose won’t stand up under heavy traffic. The more expensive, hand-knotted rug will last forever.

That’s fine, provided homeowners have the money at the time or at all. You can go to a big box store for a rug where they’re a little less expensive than a dedicated rug store. Ordering rugs online could be cheaper than a rug shop, too. The point is to shop around for the best quality rug at the best price to avoid making this mistake.

2. Underestimating How Much Traffic a Rug Will See

Most homeowners put their hardwood floors in the foyer, the formal living room, and the formal dining room. The rest is generally carpeted, with tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. That wouldn’t be so bad, except that most of us live in the kitchen and family room. The only time we see the formal rooms is when the family comes for the holidays.

If your lifestyle doesn’t include family or business associates lounging around the house, then, by all means, use felt protectors beneath the legs of the tables, chairs, and sofas. A rug isn’t necessary. However, if people will be tramping through the rooms with hardwood floors, then you’ll need a rug.

3. Measuring a Rug Area Incorrectly

Homeowners often think they know the size of the room in which they’ll put a rug, thinking “I got this.” It’s quite common for homeowners to get a rug that’s too small. The problem with size is that it can throw off the balance and rightness of a room.

Another problem with size is that smaller rugs cost less, so homeowners go with the smaller price. There are calculators online into which homeowners put the measurements of a room. Avoid making this mistake by using the calculator to tell you what size rug to buy. When you go to buy a new rug for a space, it’s important to measure the space and then measure again so you can choose the proper size.

4. Forgetting to Buy a Rug Pad

Have you ever walked across a friend’s room and slid on the rug? Without a pad, rugs will bunch up or slide along the floor. It’s funny when the dog goes rug surfing, but not so much when it’s your mother-in-law. Rugs need a pad beneath them, so remember to buy one.