4 Most Common Pests In Commercial And Residential Premises

A typical exterminator is likely to see a number of different vermin animals when working in commercial pest control. And while it’s safe to say all of these animals can be dealt with in the same manner, their methods and hazards are all incredibly different from one another. Different exterminators will be better suited towards handling particular pests and vermin, usually to the exclusion of others. In this guide we’re going to look at the different pest types and examine how they can be handled by professional pest control services. 


One of the most common life forms around, ants are able to set up colonies just about anywhere. This can be bad news for any buildings they infest, since digging their colonies can result in thousands of ants swarming on floors and furniture and generally ruining the hygiene of an enclosed space. They’re likely to chew their way through food packaging and spoil a fortune’s worth of fresh produce by secreting hormones all over it and taking it apart with their mandibles, carrying the remainders back to their hives. There it will be cultivated into fungus, which can spread and further compromise living conditions. 


Similar to ants but still distinct, termites focus their efforts on wooden structures and wooden components. Their hives, often called mounds, are obvious to spot and generally consist of hardened mud. If an infestation is left unchecked, the structural stability of an entire building can be threatened. Thankfully, there are many methods of extermination in this case. Ideally an exterminator will be able to target the termite queen, to ensure no more termites can be hatched. Failing to do so will prevent the extermination from being a true success, and result in more time and money being wasted. 


Long associated with vermin as a whole, rats are carriers of disease and prone to destroying structures and valuables alike. Their intelligence and ability to breed voraciously makes them a truly dangerous pest, and their waste products befoul and corrode everything they touch. Exterminating them can prove incredibly difficult, so it’s important to hire skilled pest control services to make sure of it. It’s also advisable to inform the owners of surrounding buildings, as rats have a habit of spreading across multiple properties if left unchecked. This can prove disastrous if the area is crowded or built up heavily. 


Often overlooked as a pest issue, moths and silverfish will destroy fabric, whether that’s clothes or upholstery. They also trigger a great deal of panic in some people, and a swarm of moths flapping around the room can look like the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, removing an infestation of moths requires much less intensive work than other vermin on this list. The only real concern is the damage to fabrics, as subtle moth infestations can destroy a great deal of clothing and other articles before they’re fully detected. Mothballs can go a long way to help, but professional help is still advised.