4 Signs Your Concrete Pool Deck Needs Professional Repairs

4 Signs Your Concrete Pool Deck Needs Professional Repairs

A concrete pool deck is typically seen as a “set and forget” type of thing; you pour it, maybe add some color, and never think about it again. However, like any other type of concrete, a pool deck needs regular maintenance to maintain its health. Concrete pool decks are one of the most common features in a residential swimming pool. They’re also the most expensive part of a pool to repair or replace, so you must stay vigilant for any signs that indicate you need professional assistance. The following are some telltale signs that your concrete pool deck may require professional repairs.

1. Cracks

Cracks are caused by settling or by extreme temperature changes. Some cracks are caused by settling, while excessive heat changes cause others. Settling cracks can be caused by severe movement or fixing the rebar in your concrete. If you have enough cracks or experience a sudden shift in the temperature of your pool deck, then it’s time to call a professional to evaluate and repair your concrete pool deck.

2. Losing the Texture

This means the concrete is losing its original texture and looks like it’s been polished or marbled. This can happen when you use a high-pressure washer or acid to clean your pool deck. Moreover, losing the texture can expose the concrete to elements leading to further damage, like UV rays. The best thing you can do is have a pool decking contractor evaluate your pool deck and repair the damage, if necessary.

3. Stains

As you know, a concrete pool deck is exposed to everything, from grass clippings and dried leaves to oil stains and bird droppings. Some stains, like grass clippings and dirt, can be cleaned with a pressure washer, but if you have severe stains like oil or bird droppings, you’ll need to scrub your pool deck for hours. Hard-to-remove stains on the decks can be abrasive, so you need to take care of the pool deck surfaces so they don’t become damaged.

4. Flaking

If you have any flaking on your pool deck, this might be a sign of water damage. The best solution is to use overlays. Water causes the concrete to shrink and crack, so if you see this happening, your pool deck is losing its texture and becoming weaker. A flake occurs when the surface gets contrast exposure to the water. If you notice flaking, try limiting the amount of water hitting your pool deck.

Concrete is very durable, but it requires proper care and maintenance to keep it strong and look good. Your concrete pool deck will need at least some maintenance over the years, and you must stay on top of things so that your pool deck is not damaged to be repaired. Many homeowners have their pool deck professionally repaired when it requires repainting, resurfacing, or repair work. Additionally, a concrete pool deck is typically costly to replace, so it’s great to get professional help before any part of the deck breaks or needs more repair work than you can handle.