4 Simple Fixes for Eliminating Silverfish in Your Home

4 Simple Fixes for Eliminating Silverfish in Your Home

Silverfish are silverfish that can live for as long as ten years. They are found in damp, dark areas. Silverfish typically thrive on decaying organic material. These pests can be extremely hazardous and difficult to eliminate because they have a strong sense of smell and hide in cracks and crevices.

They are a nuisance pest in homes because they feed on food, get stuck to ceilings and walls, and produce a foul-smelling liquid. This article will show you four simple fixes for getting rid of silverfish in your home.

1. Use a Granular Borate Bait

Borate bait is a fairly new way to treat silverfish. It’s designed to work against invasive subterranean silverfish, the most destructive species. Because it uses a chemical that is not palatable to all silverfish, rather than a repellent chemical, and because it doesn’t significantly affect soil microbes, it disturbs the ecosystem less than other treatments.

Sprinkle a granular borate bait on the floorboards in your basement. Just sprinkle it like you would salt and pepper, being careful to get it into all of the cracks between the boards. Don’t skimp or overdo; apply it at just the right rate specified in the instructions. Capillary action will take the bait and become part of the floorboards, controlling silverfish for years.

2. Use Cedar Oil

It can be safely used indoors, and as small children may get into it, you don’t need to worry about your kids’ safety. You can also spread cedar wood chips around floorboards and other areas where ants are a problem. For stepping up your fight against dirt, mites, and allergens, try cedar oil. It’s a natural repellant for nasty bugs and smells great too.

3. Use Sticky Traps

To catch the offending bugs, place sticky traps near your plants. Hang a trap from the bottom, so bugs are forced to walk over it before getting to your plant. Silverfish love sticky surfaces, so a simple sticky trap is a great way to eliminate them from your home. Place a couple of these baits in dark places around the house, like under a bathroom sink and behind refrigerators. (Silverfish like to hide in the dark since they’re most active at night.) You may not want to see all those dead silverfish either, so be sure to place them where they won’t be visible.

4. Reduce Humidity

If you have silverfish in your home, the humidity is likely too high. A dehumidifier will help reduce moisture in the air, making your home less hospitable to these pests. Moisture is a silverfish’s best friend. Use a dehumidifier to eliminate excess moisture in your home. Please place it in your basement, bathroom, and other areas that have been repellents for silverfish.

Silverfish are known for causing plenty of damage to furniture, fabric, and electronics. These tiny insects can be found in kitchens and bathrooms, but they also love to hide in dark corners. They are often found in your home because they are attracted to light and dark areas in your home. They are also very difficult to remove from your home due to their small size. Try implementing simple fixes to eliminate them from your home.