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4 Things That You Should Consider When Choosing Tiles

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4 Things That You Should Consider When Choosing Tiles

There are a number
of options available to you with regards to the flooring choices that you have
both for inside and outside your property. Australians have been putting tiles
in and around homes for many years, and they have proven themselves to be very
reliant and very resilient. If you were to go into any home right across
Australia right now, you would find at least one room that has tiles installed.
Their popularity is down to the fact that you can get tiles in many shapes,
patterns and colours, and it would be almost impossible not to be able to find
a tile that doesn’t match the current decor in your property.


When it comes to
choosing the right tiles for your property’s interior exterior, it can be really
difficult figuring out where to start. It does help to have some kind of
guidelines to assist you in this matter, and luckily, you can visit Amber Tiles to get an idea about the full range that is available,
and their applications. The following are just some of the things that you
might want to consider when you’re choosing your tiles.

  1. Consider
    your current style –
    As mentioned, there are many different patterns
    colours and shapes of tiles out there, and while you might be tempted to pick
    something completely different, it is important that you think about the
    current way in which you have styled your property. You can get some really
    good ideas from home decor magazines and websites, but you really should try to
    work style that you have your current home when making your tile choice.

  • Think
    about the tile size –
    If you are considering putting tiles in your home or
    office, you need to consider the size of the area in which they will be placed.
    Obviously, if the room is a small sized one, then smaller tiles are the better
    choice. As the rooms become bigger, then larger tiles are perfect.

  • Different
    tiles for different places –
    can choose between floor tiles and wall tiles, but the two cannot cross over.
    Even though you might see a wall tile that is the perfect colour and pattern
    for your decor, you cannot install it on the floor of your property. All tiles
    are made from a completely different glaze, and are not designed to be able to
    put up with heavy foot traffic.

  • Colour
    choices –
    It’s all about
    the kind of feel that you want to have in a particular kind of room. If you
    want the room to appear larger and more spacious, then choosing bright colours
    is the right way to go. Remember to think about the colour of grouting that you
    want to use, because if you use a contrasting grout, then that will help to
    highlight and emphasise the design on your tile.

Whatever your
final choices may be, be sure to choose tiles that blend in with your current
decor, so that the flow of your home is not interrupted.