5 Cost-Effective Ways to Put Your Own Touch on a Rental Home

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Put Your Own Touch on a Rental Home

If you’re looking for a way to put your touch on a rental home, there are many cost-effective ways to do so without breaking the bank. These options can help you make an otherwise empty house feel like home, from interior design and floor plans to furniture and appliances. This article will look at some of the most cost-effective options.

1. Paint the Walls

Whether it’s an airy white or bold yellow, a good coat of paint can make all the difference. The painting will create an illusion of larger dimensions, but it can also help you focus on the space’s actual dimensions. It’s always smart to check with your landlord beforehand to make sure you can actually paint the walls. If painting the walls is out of the question, you can put up removable wallpaper so the walls won’t be permanently damaged as you put your own touch on a rental home.

2. Add Some Artwork

Photos and prints of nature scenes and people help give a place a unique feel. There are many places to find art supplies, but keep an eye out for sales on art and frames. If you want to buy specific art for a particular room, prints are often cheaper than originals. The space where your artwork will hang can also make a difference in creating the effect you want. For instance, if you plan to use your art in a smaller space, choose something that will be able to fit in the space while still looking impressive.

3. Bring in Greenery

One of the best ways to add both a natural element and color to any space is with houseplants. Greenery is soothing and gives an air of health—which can help you feel better if you live in a sterile environment. A few small plants will create an immediate impact on your space. If you’re worried about adding a plant that might get too big, remember that many common houseplants stay small and are easy to care for.

4. Refurbish Existing Furniture

Refurnishing furniture you already have can be cheaper than buying new furniture. Whether you have a table that has seen better days or you want to add a modern look, there are several ways to give the furniture new life. If you find the activity challenging, consider hiring a professional.

5. Add Lighting

Lighting can help you create the mood you want to set in a room. It can also make your home feel like a safe space. Adding fixtures and lamps will help you dress up a room and decorate it to fit your style. Remember that lighting plays a vital role in setting the mood, so choose fixtures that will create the right atmosphere for the space and its purpose. If you want to make a space feel more welcoming, choose fixtures that are bright and warm.

Rental homes can be a great way to save money or find temporary housing, but they can also be sterile places where no one feels comfortable. Doing a few simple things around your rental with your personal touch can make it feel like a home.