5 Essential Benefits of Taking Music Lessons as an Adult

5 Essential Benefits of Taking Music Lessons as an Adult

Music is a great way to express yourself, your emotions, and your feelings in many different ways. It’s also a fun hobby to take up if you feel like it! However, many people don’t know how to play any instruments, so they may not be able to enjoy the benefits that come with taking music lessons as an adult. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about what direction to go, here are five essential benefits of taking music lessons as an older person.

1. You Can Learn a New Hobby

This is one of the best reasons to start taking music lessons as an individual over 18. Learning how to play musical instruments isn’t just something that’s done by kids anymore. As long as you have the motivation and dedication, there aren’t any limitations on what type of instrument you can learn to play. That means anyone can become proficient at playing a musical instrument without any previous training.

2. Improve Your Social Skills

Studies show that playing an instrument has significantly improved your social skills. Research suggests that when someone participates in a group activity such as singing, dancing, or even learning to play an instrument, their confidence increases. So, if you want to improve your self-esteem and boost your social life, why not consider adding this to your list of hobbies?

3. Build Up Your Confidence

You’ll soon develop into a skillful musician with the right amount of practice and persistence. And once you do, you’ll find that your confidence will shoot through the roof! By no means does this mean that you should expect to get paid for being talented; however, if you build up a portfolio of work from local musicians who visit your studio, this could help you land some much-needed gigs in the future.

4. Develop Stronger Muscles & Improved Fitness

Physical exercise is important for maintaining good health. But did you realize that music is considered a form of physical fitness? A study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that playing an instrument for 30 minutes daily can burn an average of 200 calories while improving cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility. Plus, if you regularly take part in physical activities, you’ll discover that you’ll have better coordination and strength.

5. Gain Perspective on Life

We all like to think we’re doing well, but sometimes it’s hard to see past ourselves. That’s where music comes in handy because through learning how to play an instrument; you’re guaranteed to gain perspective on your personal experiences in life. For example, if you’ve recently lost a loved one, learning to play an instrumental piece is sure to bring back memories of happier times spent together. And if you’ve had a bad experience, you can use that information to create new goals and move forward.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to take music lessons as an adult, and these five benefits are just some of them. Whatever your reason, if you’d like to add learning how to play an acoustic guitar to your list of hobbies, you’ll need to look into the options available.