5 Natural Foods to Combat Different Sexual Issues

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Good sexual health requires a respectful approach towards your body. There is a need for knowledge about the body and sexual response for a mutually pleasurable relationship, according to an article by the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the most common sexual disorders is the loss of libido. It tends to affect about 15%-16% of all men, which could then impact their sense of well-being and confidence. In fact, poor sex drive can often make men unhappy for the rest of their lives.

Male supplements like Extenze can help men achieve longer lasting and larger erections, boost vitality and promote sexual well-being, according to experts at Topmaleenhancement.org, an unbiased review site for such supplements. In fact, certain ingredients like zinc and folic acid can help increase sperm count and maintain the right levels of homocysteine, respectively.

The potency of the pills can be further be enhanced with the right diet. So, along with reading Extenze reviews, take a look at the best foods to combat sexual problems in men. 

  1. Spinach: For Low Testosterone Levels 

Loss of sex drive is often linked to medical conditions, anxiety and stress and relationship strain, according to an article by the National Health Service. Leafy greens like spinach can improve blood circulation due to its high nitrate content. When a fair amount of blood reaches the penis, the organ can successfully achieve and hold erections. Magnesium present in leafy vegetables can further work to enhance testosterone levels.

  1. Carrots: For Impaired Sperms 

Carrots are packed with carotenoids, which can boost sperm motility by 8%, while also improving the structure and overall quality. Carrots are often known as the fertility superfood, which can increase sperm count too, according to an article on Healthline

  1. Watermelon: For Erectile Dysfunction 

The watery fruit is rich in the amino acid known as citrulline. It also contains antioxidants like phytonutrients. These are known to dilate the blood vessels and relax them. This, in turn, aids in powerful erections, leading to truly pleasurable intercourse. Watermelon is often called the natural Viagra. Pairing them with ExtenZe® maximum strength male enhancement can help achieve the best results.

  1. Avocadoes: For Lost Libido  

Avocadoes are loaded with Vitamin B6. This nutrient works wonders to improve your energy for a long lasting sexual experience. It is full of healthy fats and potassium, which can induce a sense of overall well-being. They also help to get you in the right mood for a great session of foreplay, followed by sex. In fact, studies say they can increase your sperm count as well. 

  1. Tomatoes: For Stable Erections

Phytonutrients like Lycopene help in resolving male infertility issues. When consumed along with olive oil, it can work as a remedy for erectile dysfunction as well. This can support great reproductive health and help achieve 3-5 erections per night. If you are adding any supplement to your diet along with tomatoes, do read about the dosage & side effects and learn how does it work for a better outcome. 

If you need more information about sexual health, search for Sexologist near me. While fruits and vegetables are always safe for consumption, male supplements might have side effects. The best solution is to read the customer reviews, like those for Extenze, before making a choice.