5 Small Actions Every Household Can Take to Use Less Energy

5 Small Actions Every Household Can Take to Use Less Energy

You may feel a little bit guilty about the energy your household consumes, and you are excited to find ways to help. There are multiple small, easy-to-implement actions you can take each day that would impact your bottom line while also helping the environment. Thus, it is important to implement them daily, as there needs to be more attentive to these small actions to achieve significant energy use reductions. Here we shall discuss some simple actions you can take to help save energy in your household.

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have become available in a wide range of price points, so you will be sure to find a suitable one regardless of your budget. These thermostats allow you to program your system so that it is not running when you are not using it. If you go out for the day, the temperature can be lowered for only a few hours to keep your home cool without going below a certain temperature, which could raise energy costs.

2. Use Low-Flow Shower-heads and Faucets

Low-flow faucets and shower heads are available at different price points and in many styles from which to choose. Installation is also a simple process, so there is no reason not to take advantage of these products today as they are relatively inexpensive. These items can be installed in any bathroom regardless of whether you plan to remodel this space.

3. Clean or Replace Air Filters

Your system uses energy by pulling air through the blower and filter to get it into your home. If the filter is dirty or not changed regularly, the blower will have to work harder to pull air through the filter, and this will result in higher energy usage. Cleaning the filter is easy and should be done once or more every month, depending on your home’s activity level.

4. Invest in Solar Panels

If the cost of electricity is too high for you, consider investing in solar panels. They are a great way to make your home more self-sufficient and reduce energy costs while reducing the number of pollutants in the environment. Many states are offering free solar panels through their green campaign programs, and as such, now may be the time to take advantage of this technology.

5. Turn Off Lights When Unoccupied

Switch to incandescent light bulbs and keep them clean and free of dust. Any dust that adheres to the bulb will negatively impact its efficiency and increase energy losses. Installing motion sensors in your home is also a fantastic way to save energy, as lights stay off when not in use. This will also eliminate wasted energy from generating heat when the lights are turned off.

There are many small things that you can do to reduce your energy consumption. If you take the time to research the issues and how you can fight them, you will be able to have a big impact on the planet with minimal effort. Reducing your usage will help save money on your electricity bill and reduce your impact on global warming and other environmental issues. So get going and start making changes in your home today.