5 Tips to Pay Attention to Before Hiring a Qualified Electrician in Canada

While there are plenty of home/office electric repairs you may be able to do on your own, you often then not may still require a professional to intervene and provide you with a professional job. Electrical hazards can eventually take place unannounced. They can occur either in the form of electrocution or a fire breakout or in any other form of incident that can cause impact on human lives. It’s why it is significant that one must hire a professional electrician to do their big or small electrical jobs. But before you make the decision of hiring a professional & reliable electrician in Vancouver to provide you with the best electrical work, it is important to perform thorough research. Confirm whether the electrician whom you’re about to onboard for your electrical task is the right person for the job or not.

Here are 5 things that you need to address before hiring an electrician to help you with your electric tasks.

Request Recommendation

Whether you’ve a person who has worked with you as a builder, contractor or developer previously or working with you in your current situation, requesting recommendation for the right person to do the job for you can come in handy in many ways. These people usually have contacts with the right electricians. Instead of searching them up through advertisements, word of mouth can always favor your business in some commendable ways. So just in case, if any of your friends or co-workers are in the construction business or contractor works, you can always ask them for a good electrician recommendation.

Ask Electrician for the License

Are you living in Canada? Then having a license to perform electrical works is mandatory. There’s hardly any person in any state of the country who will prefer to hire you. In fact, many individuals choose to confirm first about your license by using the search tool to authenticate. With the pandemic on the rise and so many people undergoing unemployment, the fact that hiring a professional electrician greatly depends on the license he carries. So when you plan on hiring an electrician, then make sure to hire one who provides you a licensed service and have no issues in showing his license to you on demand.

Check the Electrician’s Insurance

Before you hire one, check up with your electrician if he comes insured. Although, this is not a state requirement, but to be on the safe side, hire an electrician who comes with insurance. There are several instances where you hire a professional and he succumbs to some kind of injury while performing his duty. Now you don’t want to become liable for incidents and hazards which can take place while they work for you. Therefore, it’s best that you hire an electrician in Vancouver who can provide you insurance. Mostly, the company through which you hire the electrician provides the insurance policy documents. So before you onboard one for your electrical tasks, call the company and ask them to email you the policy.

Read Online Reviews

Before you decide to hire an electric company, make sure to check out the online reviews published on the Internet. There are several companies who are offering professional electrical services online and you can easily find them abundantly through Google Search. Take your time to read online reviews before hiring a professional electric service to do your biddings. Reviews can reveal a number of things about the electrician company. It can help you learn about their professionalism and based on their positive/negative reviews, you can have a better idea whether you should employ the electric company or not. If you can’t put your faith in word of mouth or references, then always check online reviews for help. You will always get the best insight.

Conduct a Conversation on the Phone

If you really want to know someone, the best way of knowing them is by having a conversation with them on the phone. By conducting a conversation with the respective electrical company, you can have a detailed insight on what services they are offering. You can also ask them important questions such as whether electricians working for them are licensed and insured. Moreover, it can also assist them to learn how they operate and whether they are stocked up with electrical equipment/components well. By having a better feel of the company, it becomes relatively easier for you to put your faith in the electric company.

Lastly, Check if they are Certified

You can easily find whether a company is certified by the state to perform electrical work at your home & offices by checking their certifications online. If they haven’t published them online, then you can ask them to share their certifications on call by emailing you the certificates. Checking certifications is mandatory because if the person you are about to hire is not certified to perform a certain job, they can pose threat to your home electrical wiring and setup. Now you don’t want to risk that, do you? 

So here are five important tips that one must consider before they qualify an electrician for the job.