5 Warning Signs That a Washing Machine Nees to Be Repaired

5 Warning Signs That a Washing Machine Nees to Be Repaired

Is your washing machine on the blink? Before panicking and shopping for a new one, take a deep breath and relax. Washing machines are built to last well over a decade. A simple repair by an experienced appliance technician can save your day with fast, reliable service. Check out these 5 signs that your washing machine needs repairing.

1. Too Much (Or Not Enough) Water in the Drum

When you open your washer at the end of a cycle, you should only see a pile of wet clothes, not a pool of water. Check to make sure an uneven load of laundry didn’t block the pump. If evening out the load doesn’t solve the problem, you may have a clog in the drain or a malfunctioning water pump.

Suppose you have the opposite problem. During a cycle, the drum should fill up with enough water to get the whole load of laundry wet. If you see dry spots, the hose may be damaged or the water intake valve may be broken. Both are simple repairs by a professional.

2. Strange or Excessive Noise

Is your machine making excessive banging, grinding, or other noises? Although not all washing machines run whisper-quiet, they shouldn’t make an inordinate amount of noise. If you hear more than a steady rhythmic hum or an unfamiliar sound, check first to make sure something like loose coins didn’t fall out of a pocket. Also, check to make sure the machine itself is sitting level and that the load of laundry isn’t off balance. If the noise continues after troubleshooting, the drum or motor mount may be loose.

3. Leaking

Is water puddled around the bottom of your machine or your do feet get wet when you walk into the laundry room? If so, your machine is leaking. A leak is more than annoying. A constant puddle of water can cause structural damage to your home and the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew.

The leak could be caused by a clogged drain, a leaky hose, or a loose water supply connection. Fortunately, all of these are straightforward repairs for a professional technician.

4. The Drum Stops Spinning

A load of laundry that’s off balance may cause the drum to stop spinning. Other causes include a worn-out belt or a lid switch that may need replacing. You may be able to go the DIY route with replacing the belt, but you should let an expert deal with a lid switch problem.

5. The Machine Doesn’t Turn On

What if your machine doesn’t turn on or shuts off in the middle of a cycle? This is an issue that can have multiple causes.

First, make sure it’s plugged in. Don’t feel silly. An uneven load may cause shaking hard enough to cause the plug to come loose on its own. If, after rearranging your load the machine still doesn’t come on, either your washing machine or your home may have faulty wiring.

You don’t have to give up the convenience your washing machine provides. Call your local appliance service technician today.