8 Common RV Repairs That Require Professional Service

8 Common RV Repairs That Require Professional Service

RVs are very complex beasts. They have a variety of systems that all need to work for you to have a safe and fun vacation or road trip. Certain issues, such as checking the power level on your batteries, are well within the DIY capabilities of most RV owners. There are several problems that can arise, though, that are best left to a professional RV repair shop. The shop mechanics can take care of a multitude of issues under one roof and have the space to work on such a large vehicle. The following are some common issues that require a call to the RV service pros.

1- Mechanical Issues With the Vehicle

Over time, RV engines and transmissions need repairs or replacement by a professional mechanic. Another common issue that requires a professional RV repair is a failed fuel injection pump.

2- Electrical Problems

If you are having an issue with an electrical device, check your battery’s power first to see if you have tripped a breaker. If you have tripped a breaker, unless you were using too much power, a qualified RV repair shop still needs to ensure you don’t have any other issues. An electrical short can cause a fire. Also, the 12 volts of electricity in your battery is no joke. It can give you a nasty shock. Leave the electrical system to the RV service pros.

3- Slide-Outs Don’t Work

If your RV has slide-outs, a common issue is that they will either fail to extend or retract. They could have also developed a noise or are no longer aligned. It takes many moving parts to work properly to open the slide-out. Usually, this is a job best left to a qualified RV repair shop, but RV owners should first check to see if they are parked level and that the slide-out arms aren’t still locked in place for travel.

4- Air Conditioning Woes

If your AC unit will not power on, blows hot air or makes unusual sounds, this is another job for the RV repair pros. Thermostats and parts can go out.

5- RV Furnace Fails to Provide Heat

Since you will have a propane connection for your RV furnace, it is a job that is most safely handled by the RV repair shop. Like your AC unit, you will hear sounds, experience a lack of power, have no outflow, or a poor outflow of temperate air.

6- Plumbing Problems

Leaking and failing water pumps and water heaters, gate valves, connections, and holding tanks can all need replacement or repair over time. Most RV owners prefer to have RV repair shops handle their plumbing matters.

7- Onboard Generator Failure

Some RVs come equipped with an onboard generator to power your batteries. Repairing or replacing the onboard generator, involving engine diagnostics and working with fuel, is a matter best left to your certified RV shop.

8- Appliance is Going Out

When your RV appliances go out, you have to consider both electrical and possibly propane connections that will need to be hooked up. Let the technicians at the RV repair shop handle this for your safety.

The foregoing are some of the larger issues that require professional care in an RV repair facility that can accommodate the size of the vehicle. Quality RV repair centers have professional technicians and mechanics with years of experience in the myriad of complex systems in an RV. They will be your best bet to get back on the road, so you can have more fun.