6 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener and Filtration System

6 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener and Filtration System

If your home does not currently have a water softener and filtration system, the water that you drink, bathe, cook, and clean with may hold numerous elements. These could include magnesium, calcium, and various types of metals. Hard water dries out your hair and skin, stains your water features, and even leads to serious plumbing repairs if you do not take action. The surefire way to tackle hard water in your home is with the installation of a water softener and filtration system. What are the specific benefits of installing these features in your home?

1. Fewer Repairs

The limescale buildup from hard water coats your pipes and plumbing fixtures. This buildup increases over time, resulting in major plumbing issues related to clogs and blockages. A water softener and a filtration system eliminate these elements from the water and prevent repair issues caused by limescale buildup in your pipes.

2. Easier Cleaning

You can simplify your home cleaning chores by preventing hard water buildup in bathrooms and sinks. The buildup coats tubs, tiles, faucets, shower heads, and other surfaces, and it cannot be removed through normal cleaning steps and standard cleaning products. You can avoid the more complicated steps to remove this buildup with a water softener and a filtration system.

3. Improved Taste

The metals and other elements in hard water have a distinctive taste. In addition to impacting the taste of your drinking water, hard water elements affect the taste of everything that you use water to cook with. Because your water softener and filtration system remove these elements, you can enjoy improved water flavor.

4. Energy Conservation

Hard water residue will coat the interior of your water heater. As this buildup increases, more energy is used to heat the water to a desired temperature. By preventing the limescale buildup with a water softener and filtration system, you can optimize the efficiency of your water heater and enjoy lower energy bills over the years.

5. Enhanced Appliance Longevity

Your water heater is only one of the appliances that must work harder when impacted by limescale buildup. The refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine can also increasingly be affected by hard water if your home does not have a filtration system and a water softener. In addition to reducing their performance capabilities, the limescale buildup can decrease your appliances’ longevity and lead to the premature need to replace them.

6. Healthier Skin and Hair

When you bathe in hard water, the minerals and metals coat your skin and hair. These elements dry out skin and hair, making you feel itchy and uncomfortable and impacting your appearance. Once the hard water problem is addressed, the problem of dry hair and skin is addressed.

Installing a new water softener and filtration system is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires professional expertise and the proper tools. If you are ready to enjoy these notable benefits of eliminating hard water, schedule a professional installation service from a licensed plumber for your home today. A professional plumber will ensure that the installation is done correctly, avoiding potential issues that could arise from a DIY approach.