6 Benefits of Shaving Every Day

6 Benefits of Shaving Every Day

Shaving is a highly personal task. Every guy has his own favorite method, routine, habits, and techniques. Some like to shave frequently, while others can’t remember the last time they were without a beard. But regardless of which side you fall on, there’s something to be said for shaving with greater frequency. In fact, there’s ample evidence to suggest that daily shaving is the best approach. Here are a few specific reasons why:

1. Professional Image

First impressions are everything. For better or worse, people will judge you – at least initially – based on how you look. The right look can propel your career forward, whereas an unkempt appearance will hold you back.

For the most part, clean-shaven men are viewed as being more professional than those who have facial hair. If you’re in a white-collar industry – such as business, banking, sales, or customer service – shaving each morning will give you a clean and sophisticated look. Safety razors are great for injury-free shaving.

2. Younger Look

Depending on your age and appearance, this can be a pro or a con. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll just assume that most men prefer to look younger than they are.

Retired late-night personality David Letterman is the perfect example. He’s recently grown a thick beard over the last few years and it’s easily added 20 years to his appearance. When he’s clean-shaven, however, he looks far younger than his age.

3. Health

Your face, like any other area of skin on your body, accumulates dead skin cells, debris, and bacteria. The act of shaving helps to remove the outermost layer of skin. This leaves you with a healthier and smoother face.

4. Comfort

A five-o-clock shadow or full-grown beard might look sexy and rugged to some, but it can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Shaving eliminates this discomfort and restores your skin’s health.

According to Shave.net, “Most people don’t like shaving because it’s uncomfortable. But the key is to use the right shaving products. A sharp, well-designed safety razor is a far superior product to the multi-blade options you see on supermarket shelves. If you want a comfortable shave, sometimes the simplest options are the most effective.”

So assuming you shave the right way, you’ll discover that your skin actually feels better on a day-to-day basis. (If you shave infrequently, it’s hard to master the skill of a close shave.)

5. Ease

Think about your lush, green lawn during the summer months. If you mow the grass every five to seven days, it’s usually a pretty simple and straightforward process. If, however, you wait 10 or 12 days between mowing, it gets tall and thick. Now cutting the grass becomes a huge process. Your mower struggles to cut through, it leaves behind clumps, and what’s normally a one-hour job takes two hours.

Shaving is similar in this regard. It’s much more difficult when you let your facial hair move past the stubble stage. (It may even require multiple additional steps – like using an electric razor and then a blade.) It’s easier when you do it every day. Get in the habit of shaving regularly and you’ll save time and eliminate much of the discomfort.

6. Sex Appeal

Did you know that 38 percent of women prefer a clean-shaven man to one with facial hair? Another 34 percent consider it one of their favorite looks. Mustaches, full beards, and long stubble are considered mostly unattractive. If a woman does like facial hair, short stubble is the preferred look.

Shaving increases your sex appeal – particularly if you’re older. It can also improve your sex life. Women prefer snuggling up to a man with a smooth face, as opposed to one with prickly, sandpaper cheeks.

Developing a Shaving Routine

If you shudder at the idea of shaving every morning, then you probably aren’t well versed in how to shave. This isn’t a knock on you as a man – you simply haven’t been taught how to properly achieve a close shave without irritating your skin.

Take the time to read up on the proper way to shave – like using a safety razor, shaving with the grain, and applying the right after-shave product – and develop a routine. Once it becomes part of your morning ritual, it’ll feel more natural.

Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks