6 Benefits of Using Electronic Humidors

6 Benefits of Using Electronic Humidors

If you’ve ever suffered from poor storage conditions for your cigars, you’ll know the downside of keeping them in cardboard boxes. This article is all about storing your cigars in an electronic humidor, which will help keep them fresh and tasty. It doesn’t matter if you smoke on occasion or every day. Storing your favorite smokes in an electronic humidor will save you more than just time and money. 

1. Easier Access to the Cigars

Using electronic humidor stores your cigars in a digital format, which is easier to access than boxes or a traditional humidor. Instead of rummaging through the entire box of smokes, all you need to do is select the one you prefer using a digital interface. This helps you maintain proper humidity and offers easy Accessibility for smoking in comfortable conditions at any time.

2. No Cardboard Odor

Many smokers choose to store their cigars in cardboard boxes, but it’s important to be aware of the smell that can arise from constant exposure to the elements. Cigars are made with various types of tobacco, but even cigar wraps that have been sealed aren’t completely air-tight. This means they can absorb odors, especially when you store them in a cardboard box. In addition, the glue that holds the box together can emit a foul smell, which you won’t notice until you go to light one up and are greeted with an unwelcome surprise.

3. Lighting up at Anytime

Traditional humidors require some care, particularly maintaining the correct humidity levels. While this means your cigars will be humidified and ready to smoke, it also means you won’t be able to access them as quickly. If you want to light up before going out or while having a drink with friends, they need to be stored in an area that is constantly humid and cool. They can be stored in a climate-controlled area without any additional effort when not in use.

4. Get the Right Cigar at the Correct Humidity

Humidors are designed to keep cigars at their intended humidity level, but this doesn’t mean they will be the correct humidity level for you. If your favorite cigar is kept at 70% humidity, but you prefer them closer to 65%, then you’ll need to adjust the settings accordingly. An electronic humidor will help you achieve your preferred humidity level.

5. Cost-Effective Storage

If you have a large collection of cigars that you can’t fit in a traditional humidor, then an electronic humidor might be the answer. They are smaller and cheaper than traditional humidors, which means they don’t require as much storage space in your home. They also have digital controls you can use to adjust your humidity settings to ensure the correct conditions for your cigars.

6. Digital Hygrometer

A digital hygrometer is an essential tool for every humidor and one of the best ways to tell if you’re storing your cigars correctly. With this cell-phone-sized tool, you’ll be able to monitor the humidity levels in your humidor at all times. If the humidity drops below your desired level, you can plug the humidor into a USB port and add additional moisture.

If you haven’t already considered using an electronic humidor, now is a good time to do so. They provide easy access and a customizable environment for storing your cigars at the right humidity, which helps them last longer. If you want to avoid that nasty cardboard smell and save some money, then an electronic humidor is probably your best bet.