6 Things to Include When Creating a Wedding Budget

6 Things to Include When Creating a Wedding Budget

A perfect wedding budget needs thorough evaluation and thoughtful planning. It starts with the question: “What are my top priorities?” Therefore, it is crucial to consider various factors that will impact your total budget for the special day. Additionally, it is imperative to consider all the other necessities that will be included on your wedding day to avoid any hiccups. This article provides six things to include when creating a wedding budget.

1. Furniture Rentals

Every wedding must have great memories, and many couples will not be able to afford a honeymoon. This leaves the question of how long they should rent out the venue’s furniture. The answer will depend on how many people from your party stay at the venue for entry, exit, and dancing. It is best to rent all the furniture for an extended period to avoid any short sales that may occur during your wedding day.

2. The Venue

It is essential to consider all aspects of your venue. This includes the number of rooms and their proximity to any wedding reception venue. In addition, it also includes many other figures such as the total space plus different areas such as a separate dining area for your caterer. Thus, including these factors into the budget is essential if you want a successful performance on your day.

3. Guests

As previously mentioned, you want weddings that leave a memorable impression on everyone involved in the party. Therefore, it is essential to include a breakdown of all of the guests. This includes the number of your wedding guests, their gender, marital status, age, and whether they plan on staying at your venue. Include an hourly rental rate to allow everyone to stay at the venue.

4. Your Officiant and Photographer

Your wedding day must include a religious ceremony to marry your partner legally, or you can opt for a civil wedding with other celebrants. You also want to include the cost of your photographer and your officiant as they are both fundamental aspects of the day. Additionally, you must list the amount you will pay for any additional photography and other miscellaneous fees that may require payment.

5. Food and Beverage

Your wedding budget must include a breakdown of your food and beverage costs. Including the price per head for each meal, you plan on serving at your venue is best. It is also essential to include the cost of any alcohol, cake, and appetizers you plan on serving. Never forget to include the price for any additional meals and drinks that may be served during your event.

6. The Wedding Dress

Many women dream of wearing a glamorous wedding dress as they walk down the aisle. However, many couples cannot afford a designer dress. This is why it is important to include the cost of the dress in your wedding budget. You must also take into account whether you will have an alteration done on the dress before your event or not. Discussing this with the bridal shop when planning your event is good so that they can provide you with the proper estimate of their services.