6 Warning Signs That Your Home’s Heating Unit Needs Work

6 Warning Signs That Your Home's Heating Unit Needs Work

If you’re a proud homeowner, you know that home is where the heart is. You’ll spend hours tending to its every inch, from its pristine lawn to its freshly-painted walls. Your heating unit is one of the essential parts of your home that deserves just as much love and attention. After all, no one wants to feel the chilly winds of an unheated house. Unfortunately, many homeowners need help knowing whether or not the unit is in good condition. It is especially true for you if you live in a cold climate.

1: It’s Making Too Much Noise

While you can’t always hear the heating unit inside your home, you should still check your home’s HVAC system at least once a year. Of course, no one wants to hear the noise of the unit because it is noisy, but if it’s making too much noise, look for a thermostat that regulates the flow of air to make it more efficient. The more efficient your heating unit is, the more money you’ll save on your energy bill.

2: The Heating Unit Already Needs Replacement

If your heating unit has already broken down, you should consider replacing it. Please make sure to replace it before there’s a breakdown in progress to replace it because the repair costs will be too high. Also, you never know when your heating unit will break down, and you’ll be entirely without a heating system.

3: There are Chunks of Dust Collecting on the Outside of the Air Filters

Just like the air filters in your car, it’s essential to check on your heating unit’s air filters every once in a while. If you notice that chunks of dust are collecting on your heating unit, this is a sign that all sorts of particles are clogging up your system. It could cause various problems with the flow of air from the heating system to your residence.

4: You’ve Had to Replace the Air Filter Frequently

As mentioned above, checking your heating unit’s air filters is essential. If you have to keep changing them out or see that they need a thorough cleaning, there are all sorts of particles in your system. For example, if you live in an area with lots of tree pollen, this could signify that all kinds of particles are clogging up your system.

5: There’s a Leak in Your Heating System

Many homeowners will have to replace their heating systems if they leak to the outside. You might have to replace your heating unit entirely if there’s one leak after another. Before you believe you need to buy a new heating unit, note any signs that the leaks are along the cold spots in your home.

6: The Heating Unit Doesn’t Turn On

Many homeowners will have to replace their heating unit because they discover the problem when the time comes when they need it turned on. If it’s been more than one month and you still can’t get your heating unit to turn on, then there’s a high chance that you’ll have to replace it.

Always remember that your home is your pride and joy. Even if you’re a proud homeowner, it’s still important to know that your heating unit could need work. As soon as you notice any warning signs of a faulty heating unit, we urge you to contact a repair service.