7 Benefits of Having a Home’s Siding Professionally Replaced

7 Benefits of Having a Home's Siding Professionally Replaced

Getting tired of looking at the same tired siding on your home? Maybe the color you picked all those long years ago was new and trendy, but now it’s just faded and dated. Or are your concerns less about aesthetics and more about preserving your home’s structural integrity? There are many reasons to have your home’s siding replaced. But even the most stalwart DIYers would be best served by handing the reins over to professionals. As it is, there are some real benefits to doing so:

1. Professionals Have the Right Tools

Have an impressive tool collection? Good for you! Despite that, you might not have everything you need for a complete siding replacement project, and that’s usually the difference between a DIYer and a professional company that replaces and installs siding for a living. Established professionals have the right tools so they don’t have to stop in the middle of the job to run out to buy what they need. This is both a time saver and a money saver.

2. Professionals Provide Quality Workmanship

Having your home resided is an investment and one that the whole world can see—or at least your entire neighborhood. Professionals have far more experience with installation work and know how to do it right. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on siding, it only makes sense to go the extra mile and make sure it looks good and is done right. Hiring experienced siding contractors in the Bay Area can ensure that your home not only benefits from high-quality materials but also from expert installation that adheres to local building codes and weather considerations. Siding contractors Bay Area professionals can provide invaluable advice on the best products and techniques to use for your specific situation, enhancing the durability and appearance of your home.

3. Professionals Provide a Legal Contract for Their Services

When a professional siding contractor performs a job, the work they do speaks to their ability and reputation. If they do shoddy work, it will be hard for them to get new jobs. When you sign a contract with a professional, you’ll have a legally binding agreement that the work will be started and completed within a certain time frame and that the work will meet your expectations.

4. Professional Siding Installers Factor in the Climate

The are a lot of new siding materials on the market today to choose from, but professional installers know from experience which works best in individual environments. For example, homeowners in coastal areas where high humidity and heavy storms are commonplace might want to navigate away from wood siding. Why? Wood tends to absorb excess moisture which can lead to rot. Professionals can provide good advice about the best materials with price points for your area.

5. Professional Siding Installers are All About Safety

No one wants to get injured on the job. If a worker is hurt and laid up, there is concern not only for their well-being but also for the potential lost time and business down the road. For this reason, professional siding installers focus on doing a good job but always with an eye on safety–safety for them, safety for the integrity of the home they are working on, and safety for their clients and anyone who comes near the job site.

6. Professional Siding Installers are Licensed and Insured

A natural extension of the above benefit, professionals in the field will have the appropriate training and licenses to do siding installation work. In addition, they’ll carry adequate general liability insurance and workers’ compensation as both a protection for them and for any liability against you.

7. When You Let a Professional Do it, You Make It Easier on YOU

Experienced, professional siding contractors will look at a job and plan. They know from experience where to start, what areas will need extra special attention, what tools to have on hand, and how big a crew they need. Also, they won’t leave the site until the job is finished and cleaned up. That’s less headaches — and backaches — for you.