7 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Adding Security to Your House

7 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Adding Security to Your House

Security is a serious concern for most people. One of the easiest ways to improve your home security is to add inexpensive and simple DIY items. If you have been struggling with spending too much on home security, these tips will show you how easy it is to secure your house using a humble budget!

1. Have Your Windows Tinted

Windows are usually the weakest spot in our homes, literally and figuratively. They give criminals easy access to your home, and all it takes is one good kick to break the glass. Tinting your windows will make them more difficult to break through and also make it hard for intruders to see what is happening inside your house from the outside. As icing on the cake, tinted windows can also save you money on heating and cooling expenses!

2. Install an Alarm System

This is more of a high-tech and questionable investment. However, an alarm system can be the best home security upgrade you can make if you want to know that your house is secure. It’s important to note that this will most likely cost more than just adding tinted windows. But, on the other hand, it will also allow you peace of mind and a chance to catch potential intruders red-handed!

3. Get a Noisy Dog

Intruders hate dogs. They are the first line of defense for many people. While getting a barking dog will not make your house 100% safe, it can be inexpensive to slow down potential intruders and scare them away. In other cases, it can also alert you of a break-in while they are still outside.

4. Know Your Neighbors

Many people you don’t know very well who lives in your neighborhood. They could be homeowners or renters who intend to break into your house. A friendly neighbor is a guaranteed 24/7 home security guard who can alert you of suspicious activity.

5. Install Motion Sensors

While they won’t catch criminals red-handed, they will at least make them think twice before coming into your house. Motion-activated night lights are also a good way to make it appear as if someone is home when you’re not. This will scare people away and put them at ease!

6. Upgrade the Locks

A good lock with a strong deadbolt is the most basic of home security upgrades. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be effective. It’s also a good idea to make keys that only you know about, so anyone who has access to your keys will not be able to get into your house even if they manage to break through the door!

7. Security Cameras

If you have an alarm system, upgrading to a surveillance system with cameras is a good idea. While they won’t prevent burglaries, they can hopefully deter them and make them think twice before breaking into your house. This is the only way to catch potential intruders red-handed and have evidence against them!

There is nothing wrong with spending a little money on home security. However, you should only do it in moderation and choose the things that will be the most effective for you. Good luck, and happy home-securing!