7 Ways to Add Your Own Touch to a New Construction House

7 Ways to Add Your Own Touch to a New Construction House

Everyone wants some personal touches in their home. After all, the whole reason you’re building a new home in the first place is to make it exactly what you want it to be. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, though, so here are seven ideas that will help you add some of yourself to your home.

1- Capture Meaningful Colors

There are always plenty of trendy colors available when it comes time to paint your home, but the house will be more of a home with some colors that carry significance for you. They could be from your alma mater, a previous home, or just a favorite hue. Whatever shades you choose, they’ll connect you to your new home.

2- Utilize Repurposed Materials

Sometimes we end up with access to materials from a previous home as a result of renovations or repairs. An old window can make a perfect frame for a photo collage. You might also reuse old light fixtures, doorknobs, or other familiar items to maintain a connection to your past.

3- Create Memento Spaces

Decorating with treasured items will make your house feel more your own. Your unique keepsakes can all have a place in your new home as long as you include them in the plans. A builder who emphasizes personal choice will understand why these features are so important and help you make them a reality.

4- Incorporate Your Geographic History

We’re a mobile society, and you may have lived in several very different places by the time you build a new home. You can keep a little bit of each address in your new home by decorating in a way that recalls those areas. You could even involve the countries where your family traces its roots.

5- Retain What You’ve Loved Elsewhere

Don’t let moving day be the end of some of your favorite home features. Make sure you discuss with your builder the things that you’ve enjoyed in your previous residences so that you can capture some of them in the new setting.

6- Highlight Your Customs

If your family stays on the go and just does quick meals at home, a simple eating area will be just right for you. If you’re frequently the host of big get-togethers of family and friends, make sure your floor plan allows for those events. Your team can help you identify a floor plan that’s just right for your lifestyle.

7- Leave Nothing Generic!

When there are lots of decisions to be made about your home, it can be easy just to make some selections with middle-of-the-road options. Resist the temptation to go with the standard options and invest the time it takes to make it look like your home, not just a home.

No matter your stage of life, you want your home to be uniquely yours and reflect your personality and style choices. Make sure that your builder works with you to get things exactly the way you want them in a new construction home. Your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle and preferences, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or looking to customize your forever home.