72% of Americans Don’t Exercise Enough: How Can That Change?

72% of Americans Don’t Exercise Enough: How Can That Change?

People often say that exercise is an essential and crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. But according to the CDC, only 28% of the US population gets enough exercise.

One might suggest any number of reasons the remaining 72% of people don’t exercise as much as they should, for example busy schedules, lack of motivation, or lacking a hobby that involves being active.

Regardless of the excuse or reason, it’s clear most people ought to exercise more often than they do. Just as dentists schedule regular checkups and trucking fleets use software to plan preventive maintenance before problems arise, exercise is a way to prevent our bodies from suffering health issues later.

But how can more folks get the exercise they need? Here are a few ideas:

Schedule Specific Times

Often, the answer is as simple as scheduling a time every day or every few days to do the job. Whether it’s three times a week at 5:00 AM or every evening at 8:30 PM, committing to a regular time can build a habit and ensure you get the necessary workout.

When you make a schedule, cement the plan as much as possible. A program that isn’t regarded as vital can easily be replaced by something else, such as doing the laundry, going out, or binge-watching a show.

Make this activity as critical as arriving at the office on time. You won’t compromise this time by doing so, even if other pressing chores or responsibilities come up.

Put Money Down

Committing funds to a goal, regardless of what it is, can be an effective method of encouraging yourself to go after something. If you want to exercise, purchase a gym membership, sign up for a 5K race, or get a new pair of athletic shoes.

By doing this, you invest in yourself and are more likely to make exercise part of your routine. If you are still trying to decide which activity to pursue, purchase a fitness watch or a pair of athletic shoes.

The last thing you want to happen is to buy a brand-new $800 road bike only to discover a little later that you hate biking. After you’ve found a hobby or type of exercise that appeals to your taste, you can invest in that nice bike, tennis racket, or set of golf clubs.

Find a Group

Sometimes people lack the inner motivation to rise up and work out. Even when they purchase a fitness watch, an inexpensive gym membership, or similar motivator, something more turns out to be necessary.

Finding a group or signing up for classes where people depend on your input and participation, or at least look out for you, may be what you need to compel you to show up.

Finding a group is simple. A search on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms should reveal many opportunities to exercise with others. Showing up the first time may be challenging, awkward, and uncomfortable, but once you make a connection with someone, it will become much easier to stay involved.

Try Different Activities

Exercise goes so much further than running, biking, and lifting weights. These may be the three most common activities people select, but they are certainly not the only options.

Tennis, basketball, hiking, kayaking, pickleball, soccer, swimming, and rock climbing are just some of the alternatives. There’s something for everyone.

Declaring you “don’t like to exercise” is a poor excuse; more a way of saying you haven’t tried enough activities to identify one you enjoy.

Go Public

Once you decide on a project and commit to exercising, go public about it. This is common for people when they start a weight-loss journey, but it doesn’t have to be limited to shedding pounds.

Consider announcing you are joining a racquetball league and talk about how badly it went (if it’s your first time playing, it probably will). Follow that with updates on your improvement, victories, and personal milestones.

You will start to look forward to releasing these reports and the words of affirmation people will send every time you post.


Exercising is an essential health activity that everyone ought to pursue. No matter where you are, if you follow these steps and stay committed, you will discover a pastime that keeps you moving and motivated!

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