8 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

Let’s be honest, no one wants to deal with inflammation. It just outright sucks.

But inflammation is not the same every time it occurs and with every person that gets it. It is best compared to a cold—some people’s immune system naturally flares up and gets inflamed to fight it all off. In this case, inflammation is okay.

But, in another scenario, an inflamed spleen is extremely dangerous and if it gets too inflame, your entire body can become poisoned!

That is why it is important to understand when inflammation is good and when it is bad—and what you can naturally do to curb the bad!

Often, we experience bad inflammation in our bodies when we are sleep deprived, make unhealthy eating and drinking decisions, experience stress, or are exposed to chemicals that are not healthy. However, there are many natural solutions that we can incorporate into our daily routine to ensure that the unhealthy inflammation does not cause further harm to our body.

One of these solutions is incorporating natural supplements into our daily routine. So here are the best natural anti inflammatory we should all consider taking to keep our body healthy and reduce the risk of inflammation where it should not be!

1. Try taking fish oil

The name might sound a bit gross, but trust us, the health effects are magic! Fish oil is best known for keeping our heart healthy and preventing our heart and connected arteries from getting inflamed. You can get fish oil naturally from eating fish (duh!), but it comes in a range of healthy supplements to ensure that you are getting the fatty acids your body needs. Fish oil is full of Omega 3, which is one of the most powerful nutrients for minimizing inflammation!

2. Try taking curcumin

Similar to fish oil, curcumin is an absolute legend with kicking inflammation to the curb. It is something that is naturally found in turmeric and has a ton of properties that the medical world loves to use. In fact, it is one of the most popular herbs in the world of wellness. If you suffer from inflammation that is deemed to be chronic, curcumin might be right for you. It has proven results with people who suffer from things like diabetes or heart problems. But it also helps manage inflammation for people who suffer from things like asthma and bronchitis.

3. Try drinking green tea

Jut add it to the list of yet another reason why people love green tea! Many people love to sip on green tea after a workout or bed to calm them down, but the healthy habit also allows your body to manage inflammation risks. This is because in green tea is something referred to as EGCG, which is proven by many to be really beneficial in giving anti-inflammatory benefits. This is also why green tea is so loved by people who have arthritis, as it helps them deal with their chronic pain in a healthy and natural way.

4. Try using ginger

Ginger isn’t just for cooking. Similar to the benefits of curcumin, ginger has numerous anti inflammatory benefits that have been shown to even help reduce stress and risk of things like cancer! It is a great natural supplement for the entire body, mainly because of a compound it holds known as gingerols. Ginger is something that is simple to add to tea and smoothies, along with making an easily digestible supplement as well.

5. Try hemp seed oil

Seriously, hemp seed oil gets a bad rap for coming from cannabis plants, but hemp seed oil is actually a superfood that is known for helping with inflammation! This is because it also has similar fatty acids like fish oil that are able to calm the body down and prevent it from flaring up too much. This is great for those that suffer from inflammation caused by stress and a natural anti inflammatory supplement everyone should consider trying.

6. Try resveratrol

This is a compound that is found in grapes and is proven to also help produce anti inflammatory benefits! In fact, anti inflammatory benefits from resveratrol work great for those that suffer from inflamed bowels or ulcers. Who knew that grapes could be so powerful!

While some inflammation—like when our immune system gets inflamed—is good for our health, there is a range of things in our body that we don’t want to become inflamed! Luckily, there is a range of natural supplements that offer anti inflammatory benefits to help reduce the risk of inflammation. This ranges from things like ginger, fish oil, hemp seed oil, green tea, and curcumin. While each has different properties, they have all been proven to help us out with reducing inflammation in our body.

If you suffer from inflammation problems, you should have a chat with your doctor to develop a plan on what natural anti inflammatory supplements are right for you and your health needs.