Amazon and Google Replace Apple as Top Companies Imitated in Social Engineering Attacks

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Google and Amazon rank as the brands most imitated by cyber criminals in phishing attacks. During the second quarter of 2020, these two companies surpassed Apple as the most imitated.

Phishing attacks have grown substantially due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Web users have changed their habits, spending much more time online, especially working remotely; therefore, there has been a new opportunity to invade companies.

What is phishing, and how can it affect a company?

A phishing attack generally targets you with an email or text message with the purpose of seeking personal information or infiltrating your network. A phishing email will generally imitate a legitimate brand or trusted individual to trick you into clicking a malicious link, entering login information, or sending other personal information.

They will sometimes even mimic a brand’s official website to make their links look legitimate. Once these links are clicked, valuable information can be gathered, including personal and financial information. These attacks may lead you to a specific website or may appear in the form of an email. Unlike other types of Internet threats, phishing does not require particularly sophisticated technical knowledge. This could be one reason why its prevalence is growing. 

How to recognize a phishing email

Phishing emails and text messages may appear to be from a company you know or trust. They can look the same as messages sent by a bank, credit card company, social media site, payment website, or online store. Phishing emails and texts often tell you a story to trick you into clicking a link or opening an attachment. The messages could:

  • Say that suspicious activity or login attempts have been detected.
  • Claim that there is a problem with your account or payment information.
  • Say that you must confirm some personal data.
  • Include a false invoice.
  • Ask you to click a link to make a payment.
  • Say that you are eligible to register for a refund from the government.
  • Offer you a coupon for a free item.

Preventing a phishing email

The spam filters in your email account can prevent many scam emails from reaching your inbox. But scammers are always trying to evade spam filters, so it’s a good idea to add some extra protection.

Cybersecurity must always remain a top priority for companies, and employee security training can add an extra layer of security against phishing attacks and other common internet threats. An experienced Managed Service Provider can provide detailed employee training and advise you on other areas of your cybersecurity that should be updated.

The importance of cybersecurity

Every company must take care of the value of the information it publishes on the Internet and the use it makes of the Internet. It is essential to protect company and customer data, as well as the operation of the systems, and comply with regulations.

Now more than ever, personal data is a commodity that needs to be protected. A professional team can provide companies with service pen testing and security auditing, backup, identity management, and access control. All of these combined can ensure that you are better protected against such an attack.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn