Areas of Your Young Business You Should Consider Outsourcing

Starting a business can be an exciting time that is also full of stress. Each decision you make will impact the future of the company at this juncture. Keeping costs low is important as cash flow is essential in growing most businesses. Outsourcing certain areas of your business can help drive costs down. Hiring a full-time employee when you only need a few hours of work per week doesn’t make sense. The drawback of outsourcing is that you need to make sure you source the work to a reliable company or freelancer. The following are areas that you should consider outsourcing during the infancy of your business.


Accounting can be a nightmare for an entrepreneur that is disorganized and dislikes balancing the books. Business tax preparation is going to differ significantly from personal taxes as there are going to be more tax-deductible expenses. There are platforms that make it easy to integrate your billing system with accounting. Integration is key when it comes to making sure your business runs seamlessly. Find the right accounting firm to help you save as much money as possible during tax season. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing can be overwhelming if you have no experience in the marketing field at all. Outsourcing this is even done by very large companies as it is so involved. Finding the right digital marketing company to take over online marketing is going to be a challenge. You want to find an agency that is within the budget that also has results generated recently for a similar client. Clearly define your goals before you sign anything and ask how they will assist in reaching those goals. Seeing results will not happen immediately as marketing is a long-term tactic. If you have already been marketing, you want to see an increase in website traffic, sales, and lead generation. 


Human resources can be complicated and have quite a few laws/procedures that need to be followed. Hiring an HR firm to assist with HR-related matters can be immensely important. These companies can do everything from handle employee discipline to assist in hiring. The last thing that you want is a former employee to sue the company and win because of an error. You want everything to be ironclad with a paper trail as this can help in court.

Additional Freelance Sales Staff 

You might have in-house sales professionals that you want to supplement with additional salespeople. You can have freelancers that work on commission sell on your company’s behalf. For seasoned salespeople, a competitive commission is all that needs to be offered along with products/services that are in demand. Take the time to see if your current sales team knows anyone that might be interested in extra work. People that can sell can often sell nearly anything as they understand how to pitch and identify with customers/clients. 

You should delegate certain areas of your business to freelancers/contractors to reduce workload while maintaining profitability. Take the time to assess which areas of the business can be outsourced for the best result possible.