Attention Entrpreneurs! Here Are Options You Have To Handle Your Digital Marketing

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Entrepreneurs already have a lot in terms of responsibilities in their business. Handling the entire digital marketing strategy alone will not allow for time in other areas of the business. Keeping costs low during the infancy of a company is very important as cash flow can assist consistent growth. Digital marketing is going to be a lifeblood of a number of new companies that need brand recognition and to drive up their search engine rankings. The following are the options that an entrepreneur has to handle digital marketing at their organization. 

Work With An Agency

Working with a web design and digital marketing agency can be immensely helpful. These agencies differ in terms of cost but you should be aware that just because an agency is expensive, doesn’t mean they will produce results. Take a look at the case studies that the agency has in its sales materials. Being able to see a similar company thriving due to their services can provide peace of mind. A referral to an agency should be taken carefully as a number of these agencies give those that refer clients a healthy commission. 

Create a Team of Freelancers

The creation of a team of freelancers is going to be important if your startup is self-funded without any investors/VC money. Freelancers could have agency experience at a fraction of the cost but finding quality freelancers will be the challenge. Upwork is a great platform to find quality freelancers regardless of your needs. Copywriters can help fill out a website and blog section using SEO best practices when writing. 

Hire In-House

Hiring in-house should be done carefully or with freelancers that you have worked with before. To get the best in terms of talent, offering remote work opportunities is imperative. You could have a great marketer that doesn’t want to relocate and lives in a city with an extrme3ely low cost of living. Paying that same employee the same amount if they lived in New York City or San Francisco wouldn’t be livable. 

Hybrid Models 

Hybrid models usually work the best as expert marketers can keep an eye on what an agency or freelancers are doing. If you do not have any expert marketers on the staff, you could be wasting money without realizing it. Having a few people in-house to help manage agencies and freelancers is important. Project management systems should be put into place in a consolidated platform to help keep everyone organized. Putting in production goals for in-house employees as well as their project management duties is important. You could hire someone to manage freelancers but you also want some marketing work done in-house. 

Handling marketing has to be done carefully as using the wrong strategies can lead to a lack of cash flow if sales are not a result. Basing decisions on data is important especially with all of the tools that can help track leads, sales, and website traffic. Failure to analyze the data can lead to failed marketing campaigns that do nothing but cost your company money.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn