Benefits of Creating To-Do Lists

By simple definition, a to-do list is basically a list of the tasks that one intends on undertaking, and the things that need to be done to completion. In most cases, these tasks are often arranged in accordance with the order of their priority. They are then written on a piece of paper and posted in notes that go a long way in acting as aids to great memory. With the evolution and enhancement of technology, there have been better ways to create to-do lists. For instance, word documents, spreadsheets of excel, lists on emails, google to-do as well as Microsoft to-do have been some of the modernized ways of creating these lists. Herein, we shall have a look at some of the benefits of these to-do lists.

Benefits of To-Do Lists

Discussed below in details are some of the very advantages that come with having the to-do lists:

i)Helps in Creating Order

This is one of the top most benefits of using to-do lists. In the event that for instance someone is working on a certain project or following a plan, then it becomes very important to be able to have it broken down. To-do lists therefore come in very efficiently in helping with this.

This is mostly because the human brain tends to handle so much in terms of tasks. It therefore becomes much easier if these tasks are broken down into doable and sizable chunks that are easier to manage through the to-do lists. This is actually the very reason as to why Judge Napolitano is of the idea that the to-do lists will ensure that one stays productive, by making sure that the work has been broken down.

ii)Helps in Creating Accountability

Because of the great enhancements of technology, it is often quite hard to have things written down. However, in the event that one has a to-do list penned down somewhere, then it becomes easier for them to be able to stay accountable to themselves. It is important to take note of the fact that once something has been written down on a to-do list, then someone is able to give themselves that push, to have that task accomplished. This level of accountability brings forth efficiency.

iii)Helps in Reducing Stress Levels

Having a to-do list acts as one of the ultimate stress relievers in different ways. This is mostly because the general feeling of having a task completed, and ticked off a to-do list, in most cases often ends up giving an individual a very good feeling. The feeling of being so happy and fulfilled comes by because of the release of dopamine into the brain system. The result is that an individual will end up feeling so accomplished and good about themselves. This is the reason as to why Judge Napolitano feels that it is very important to make it part of one’s lifestyle, to have a to-do list in check. The end result is that the general motivation of how one handles their activities will be improved highly.

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