Can Fence Companies Benefit from Local SEO?

local SEO for fence companies

Research from the company Visual Objects reveals approximately 76% of consumers learn more about a business online before visiting it in person. That’s just one of many statistics that all tell business owners the same thing: Having a web presence is critical for a business in the digital age.

Even a local fencing company benefits from having a website and social media presence. A fencing company’s web content can potentially help new customers discover the business.

A proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategy plays a key role in helping a website get the attention of leads. For a fencing company, a local SEO strategy may be particularly valuable.

What is Local SEO for a Fence Company?

Raking high in Google search results pages is vital for a business’s online presence. Per a Forbes report, the first page of Google results accounts for the vast majority of search traffic clicks.

A fence company’s website can theoretically help the company attract more customers. It’s more likely to serve this purpose effectively if the site’s pages appear on the first page of Google when users perform searches relevant to the site’s content.

Improving rankings and generating more website traffic is a general SEO strategy’s purpose. An SEO strategy refines various elements of a site and overall web presence to help interested users find it.

However, a fence company is a strictly local business. It can only serve customers within its geographic area.

Thus, a fencing business owner doesn’t necessarily care whether their pages rank high when users from across the globe perform relevant online searches. Their goal is to ensure their pages rank high when users in their area perform relevant searches. A local SEO strategy helps a fence company target these users.

Benefits of local SEO for fence companies include:

Optimizing Marketing Spending

A fence company may be a small business. Its marketing budget might also be small when compared to that of a global corporation.

A fencing business owner must feel confident they’re spending their marketing budget effectively. By ensuring their SEO efforts get their site in front of the eyes of locals, a fencing company owner can avoid wasting time and money targeting users from the wrong geographic area.

Discussing Local Needs

The needs of fencing company customers may vary somewhat from one region to another. For example, in rural areas, a fencing business’s customers may include large numbers of farmers. In an urban area, businesses like retail shops, restaurants, and others may be more likely to be customers of a fencing company.

A fencing company with a local SEO strategy may tailor its website content to speak to the needs of customers in the area. Doing so ensures the content resonates more with those reading it.

Attracting Attention at the Right Stage in the Search Journey

The fact that someone’s performing a general search about fencing companies doesn’t mean they’re ready to pay for a fencing company’s services. At this stage of the search or customer journey, they may be doing basic research.

Someone specifically looking for fencing companies in their area may be ready to hire one. A local SEO strategy helps a fencing company attract their attention.

Local SEO for a Fencing Company: The Value of Professional Guidance

Many factors contribute to local SEO. If you run a fencing company, you might not know how to develop and implement a proper local SEO strategy.

You don’t have to. Consider partnering with local SEO specialists instead. They can identify your web presence’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you make the necessary improvements to grow your business naturally.

Main Street ROI offers local SEO services to fencing companies and other local businesses.


Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross