8 Special Ideas for Personalizing a Beach Wedding

8 Special Ideas for Personalizing a Beach Wedding

Romantic love between people is beautiful, and nothing is more emblematic of that kind of love than a wedding. From walking down the aisle past the people you care about most to you and your partner saying “I do” and sealing your relationship with a kiss, a wedding is a magical experience you’ll never forget.

If you want to make your special day even better, then consider choosing a beach as your venue. Beaches serve as gorgeous backdrops for wedding photos, and if near a resort, let you move right along to your honeymoon. If a beach wedding sounds romantic, here are some ways to personalize the experience:

1. Add a Wooden Walkway

If you enjoy boardwalks, you can capture some of their aesthetics by lining the aisle with a temporary wooden walkway. The contrast of the board against the white sand can add a little extra “wow” to your wedding while also serving a practical purpose by giving you and your beloved a sturdier path to walk on.

2. Hire a Steel Drummer

Many couples who have beach weddings enjoy getting lost in the sound of the waves and wildlife, but if you can’t have a wedding without music, you can hire local musicians to set the mood with romantic, relaxing tropical steel drum music.

3. Use Fruit Centerpieces

Flowers for wedding table centerpieces are nice, but if you want to go the extra mile, trade the greenery for fruits like pineapples, watermelons, or any other fruits that evoke summer or tropical vibes.

4. Wear a Flower Crown

Your venue isn’t the only thing you can personalize. If you’re the bride, you can put a spin on traditional wedding garb and substitute the veil for an enchantingly colorful flower crown adorned with bright and warm-hued flowers that’ll make you look even more picturesque.

5. Stand Out with a Unity Sand Ceremony

A unity sand ceremony can directly incorporate sand into your wedding festivities. In this ceremony, the couple pours sand into a vessel like a glass bottle. Unity sand ceremonies are a great way to physically symbolize the combined love the two of you share.

6. Make it Sweet With a Coconut Cake

For a tropical flavor in the more literal sense, choose a coconut cake as your wedding cake. Coconuts are a deliciously exotic fruit that’s light and refreshing, a perfect combination for a reception by the ocean.

7. Make Waves with a Surfboard Guestbook

One of the first activities that comes to mind when people think of beaches is surfing. If you enjoy surfing but don’t want to spend your special day on the waves, you can still incorporate it in spirit with a surfboard guests can sign when they arrive. It’s a fun way to do a guestbook, and it’ll also make for a unique, summery keepsake.

8. Wrap it Up with a Bonfire Reception

Your wedding will be a day to remember, but you can also make your reception a night to remember. Bonfires are a staple of beaches, so why not center your reception around one? You can relax by the fire with your guests or have a wild party with fire-roasted goodies like smores and hot dogs; your choice!

Making your wedding memorable and fun is essential for any couple, so don’t feel constrained by typical wedding traditions. Style your venue how you see fit, and begin your happily-ever-after on your terms.