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Climbing the corporate ladder and getting promoted within a company is a substantial deal. Hard work is of the utmost importance when securing a job and putting feet towards a successful career. However, hard work is not the only important characteristic of climbing the ladder. Helen Lee Schifter also believes being an over achiever and maintaining mental health will surely gain a person the access to the promotion ladder.

To become the hard worker that gets promoted quickly is something that every goal driven employee dreams of. To transform this concept into a reality being well organized is principal. Employees also need to take the time to do careful and explicit research. Any project that is being worked on in the office needs to be consistent and well endowed. Another tip to being promoted is to leave life setbacks at home. Moving forward and focusing clearly on the job at hand are very salient in a successful career.

Becoming involved in work and wanting to be successful is something many people strive for. When becoming involved with a company the goal is to grow. In order to do this, having a clear mental state and pursuing good self-care techniques can help. Schifter who is a former Wall Street arbitrage trader and a former editor at Hearst and Conde Nast highly recommends taking at least one vacation if not more a year. Doing this will help in the success of a person’s career. Day in and day out work, and chores can overcome a person and sometimes it is best to take a break to have time to think and recharge so they can come back to work even better with a clear mind. Employees who use their vacation times appropriately get high and better results on the year-end performance reviews because overall they are happier and more focused on work.

Over achieving isn’t difficult to do if you put in the hard work. Helen Lee Schifter has expressed that everyone should keep their mental well-being and emotional health as a number one priority. One tip she gives is to ask plenty of questions. Asking questions and keeping a daily routine will improve a person’s mental resilience along with their productivity. This will show interest in the job title the person owns, and people will view this person as someone who puts in the effort and time to understand the work thoroughly. If a person understands what they are doing the entirety of the job can be finished with a genuine and honest approach.

Schifter has always said that believing in yourself is the key to success. Relying on yourself to take action and never giving up. Having confidence in the capacity to succeed at anything handed to a person’s way is a great way to stay well-grounded and not stray from their priorities and faith. Having confidence, working hard and overachieving will surely get a person promoted within the company they reside.

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