Digital Marketing Trends

3 Tips for Outsourcing Marketing Efforts

Digital Marketing Trends

Helen Lee Schifter, the former Conde Nast and Hearst editor, enjoys keeping up on all things digital, including the best digital marketing trends.

Schifter does this out of natural curiosity, but also to keep her mind sharp because you never know when she will launch her next adventure, and more than likely it will be in the digital sphere.

  • #1. Online is here to stay

    Although there has been a steady uptick of movement from brick and mortar stores to
    digital stores, there were always plenty of hold-outs as people still didn’t trust online shopping with the use of their credit card.

    However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where shoppers worried about going to a physical store, almost all the barriers have been removed.

    With the exception of grocery stores and the like, digital is now king and there will never be a retreat. Even the hold-outs have learned to love digital shopping.
  • Make use of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is making more and more inroads into business. Particularly with the use of online chat boxes, consumers can get the answers to their questions 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

    Another use of AI is with advertising. AI can enable companies to track trends of consumers, then find competitive advertising to tap into those consumers.
  • Conversations between customers and the business

    Helen Lee Schifter believes that the days are gone when you broadcast your strategy and people merely accept it or reject it. The trend now, whether with chat boxes, or customer service, is to have real-time conversations with customers.
  • Personalization

    Again, modern consumers do not want to be spoon-fed the party line. As much as possible they want a personalized experience catered to their needs. The more personal you are, the better you will compete in 2021 and beyond.
  • Video marketing

    A three-minute video can say more than 100 pages of text. Videos force companies to sharpen their message, and in the Tic Tock and YouTube Generation, video marketing is
    what consumers expect.
  • Influencer marketing

    There’s a reason the Kardashians and the Jenners command thousands of dollars to do a mere shout-out for a product. In this age of confusion, customers are looking to be led by an authority figure, and they would much rather hear from an influencer than they would from a company representative.
  • Social Media Apps

    Apps are no longer being used just for email and immediate conversation. Business is slowly learning to adapt and use social media apps as it provides immediate, one one one between companies and consumers.
  • Visual searching

    Google has changed. Nowadays, customers are just as likely to use visual search as they are to use text-based search, and visual search, from the consumer’s point of view, is more likely to yield the results they want.

Voice search

Another big trend is to use devices such as Alexa for consumers to do voice search rather than type in the text.

Oftentimes, voice search produces different results, so savvy companies are gradually
taking voice search seriously in their marketing efforts.

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