Easy Ways to Save Money This Fall

For many, fall is the most exciting and cozy time of year. It gets a little bit colder, the sparkly lights and pumpkins begin to appear in the shop windows.

Autumn can be a hectic time of year for many, though. School vacations, costumes for the play, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s can all take a toll on the bank balance. So here are some smart ways that you can save money this fall. 

Buy Used Halloween Costumes or Go Thrifting

The average Halloween costume costs between $20 and $49.99. Add on top candies, makeup, and other fun stuff, and the average spend per person is an eye-watering $183!

With a little planning and some DIY, you can make a costume for a fraction of the price. Check out Pinterest for some brilliant DIY Halloween costumes and save a lot of cash. 

Cut down on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes 

They’re an Instagram icon from the date they get released until the Christmas blends take over. But are they really worth the cost? Let’s break it down:

However, the price for a pumpkin spice latte starts at $4.95 and ranges to $5.45. And let’s say you grab one every time you go shopping, which is once a week. Over the space of pumpkin spice season, you will spend over $40 in two months. 

It doesn’t sound like much, but for a drink, you can make at home—the whole year through by using syrup and a reusable coffee cup, it is pretty steep. 

The same logic can be applied for almost all take-out coffee; it’s cheaper to make it at home and take with you. 

Make Your Own Decorations

Oranges, earthy tones, and a lot of pretty pumpkins are the order of the day for fall decor. But then in a few weeks, it switches to cobwebs, witches, and ghosts, then a few weeks after comes to the rustic Thanksgiving decorations, and then it is Christmas, and then . . .  

It is a lot, isn’t it?

With enough preparation, you can make a whole range of fun decorations that will last. Check out Country Living’s 62 Best DIY Fall Crafts for some inspiration.

Knit or Sew Your Own Cozy Fall Clothing

If you have ever wanted to learn to knit, then now is the time! There might be a few that just don’t look quite right, but knitting can save money for years. You can knit gifts for people, as well as having cool patterns on your scarf every year. 

Turn Off Your AC 

During those long, hot summer days, your AC feels like it has been sent from heaven to keep you cool, calm, and comfortable. But in the colder months, you simply don’t need your AC system to be running. Once you notice that it is consistently too cold to wear just a t-shirt, then it’s time to make some adjustments to how you heat and cool your home. 

Upgrade Your Water Heater 

It is essential that you aim to replace your water heater before it fails, and  before the cold weather of winter arrives. You should talk to a professional company offering water heater repairs in Malibu about what type of water heater is going to be best for your family and the size of your home. 

If you have recently upgraded your water heater, then fall presents the ideal time for you to book a maintenance check for your water heater. The more efficiently they are running, the more money you will save on your hot water. 

Burn a Log in the Fireplace

If you have the option to use a fireplace instead of heaters, you can save a considerable amount of money. The heat from a fire is warmer, and the cost of logs is significantly less than the energy required to heat a home using other heating options. A seasoned log will cost you somewhere in the region of $8 or less. 

This will burn for a non-stop 5 hours period or more. The energy cost to run radiators in a home has risen steeply in recent years, and heating a three-bedroom home can cost around $800 or more per year. 

So there are some quick and easy ways to save money this fall. Get out the DIY kits, watch some tutorials wrapped in a cozy blanket, and make this fall your best one yet by reducing your budget worries!

Chris Turn

Chris Turn