Exploring South East Asia: Yacht Chartering Solutions

If you are thinking of taking a holiday in South East Asia, there are many options, of course, and if the idea of sailing around the southern Thai region that includes the Andaman Sea, appeals to you, then read on. The southern Thai island of Phuket is the perfect hub for those who wish to explore the amazing marine life that is found in this tropical region, and with affordable yacht chartering, you can create the perfect route to explore this unique region of South East Asia.

Why Charter a Yacht?

This gives you the ultimate freedom to go where you want and stay as long as you wish, and should you wish to change the plan at any time, you are the boss. The waters off the tropical island of Phuket are amazing, then there is the very long stretch of stunning beaches along the coast of Malaysia, not to mention the pearl of the region, Phi Phi Island. You can literally drop anchor in a quiet cove and enjoy the luxurious service, as your friendly crew look to make this an experience to be remembered.

Online Solutions

If you would like to explore the possibilities that chartering a yacht offers, simply search online for affordable yacht charter in Phuket and this will bring up a list of companies that specialise in creating memorable experiences for their clients. The charter company has a fleet of quality vessels and they know all the best locations to include in your route, which means you can create the ideal schedule that makes the most of your time in this unique part of the world.

State of the Art Vessels

When you book a yacht with an established charter company, they have a large fleet of amazing yachts that include the following:

  • Traditional Thai Teak Boat – This vessel has 3 first-class double cabins, and the 90ft boat is powered by an inboard motor and can take you to many unique locations around the Phuket area. Ideal for a party of 6 and this boat can be hired by the day.
  • Modern Motor Yacht – State of the art technology allows for a luxurious 4-cabin vessel with a crew of two, and the wet bar and leisure area is ideal for relaxing. Smooth and very fast, this ocean-going vessel can whisk you away to tropical bays with crystal-clear water and amazing marine life.

The 90-100ft yachts are ideal for 2 or 3 couples that wish to experience the oceans in sheer luxury, stopping off at hidden gems that are not on the tourist track, and with your menus and drink stock, you can listen to your favourite MP3 playlists in idyllic tropical locations.

If, for example, four couples would like to book a holiday on a yacht, when you divide the all-inclusive price, it becomes very affordable. The ultimate holiday experience awaits when you hire a luxury yacht; most people will go on to repeat the experience, and who could blame them?