Can Face Serum Support Your Skin Through the Winter-Spring Transition?

Face Serum Support Your Skin

The changing of the seasons can sometimes make your skin feel a bit unsettled. As winter transitions to spring, your skin may begin to object and show signs of unhappiness through changes in texture and comfort. Can adding a face serum to your skincare routine help support happy, healthy-looking skin as the seasons change?

Using face serum can help you maintain your skin’s comfort as the early spring weather fluctuates between blustery, windy days and damp, sunny days.

Let’s look at how incorporating a face serum into your skincare routine can help support moisture levels and skin texture to support you throughout the early spring changes.

How Can Face Serum Support Your Skin’s Comfort?

As winter transitions to spring, you’ll find that your need for indoor heating may decrease, which may be good news for your skin’s moisture levels. However, shuttling back and forth between indoor heating and outdoor winds can present a different challenge. How can you help your skin adjust to the seasonal changes?

Face Serum Can Help Support Your Beautiful Complexion

During the winter, your skin usually requires an intensive moisturizing cream to support it while you spend time in dry indoor heating. As the weather shifts and the dampness of spring arrives, your skin’s needs may also shift. A nourishing light formula may be called for. This is where face serum will come in.

Face serum can help maintain your skin’s moisture levels just like a moisturizer can. However, face serum has a light consistency formulated for optimal absorption. Unlike facial moisturizers, usually, only a small amount of face serum is used. All one needs is a thin layer.

How is face serum effective in such small amounts? The formula is concentrated with active ingredients, so there’s no need to slather it on to experience the benefits.

As the weather warms up and the indoor heating isn’t constantly running, humidity levels may increase, providing more moisture in the air. Some people find that a face serum is sufficient for their skin’s moisture needs at this time. They enjoy the light feel and quickly absorbed liquid on those warmer, damper days. Winter weather doesn’t usually stop abruptly, so you’ll still find that there are brisk, chilly days to contend with. For those days, a face serum provides additional support for skin moisture levels when paired with your moisturizer. Having both a face serum and a moisturizer in your skincare arsenal offers you the flexibility to adapt to seasonal changes.

Face Serum Can Support Your Skin’s Natural Renewal Processes

Your skin cells have the amazing capability of renewing themselves approximately every 27 days. When this process is going smoothly, your skin may feel soft and supple while giving off a healthy glow. To support the natural renewal process, it is essential to practice good skincare habits.

  • Proper cleansing can help remove makeup, dirt, and oils to prevent buildup on your skin.
  • Using a daily face serum with cell-signaling peptides can help maintain smooth-looking skin.
  • Moisturizing with a formula appropriate for your skin type and weather conditions can support the look of hydrated skin.

USANA Vitalizing Serum Can Support Your Skin Through Seasonal Changes

To set up your skincare toolbox to prepare you for fluctuating weather, add in USANA Vitalizing Serum. For those warmer days when you can start opening your windows to let in the fresh air, all you may need are two or three pumps of this light water-based serum to help your skin feel comfortable and appear moisturized. For additional support for hydrated skin, brush on a nourishing layer of your favorite USANA Celavive moisturizer.

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