Facts About the Email Culture

In the early 1990, there was the invention of email to replace services like fax. Since then, email services have taken root across the internet, and in recent times, it has been touted as the most convenient way of communication. Email communication is fast and reliable, it occurs in real-time and people can exchange information from any part of the world. Many factors contributed to the establishment of email and how the first email was sent.

How Was the First Email Sent?

Ray Tomlinson is the person said to have sent the first email message between two computers. With the invention of the computer and the development of the internet, people were looking for new ways to ease communication between two or more computers. It is thought that the first message Ray Tomlinson sent to another computer was ‘testing 123’ that was later adopted across the board.

What is the Origin of the Word Spam?

More often than not, you may have received emails that are disturbing and potentially risky. These emails are always labeled as spam and moved to the spam folder. This is an automated response by the email providers who highlight the message sent as risky and once flagged, it is immediately moved to spam. This is a useful feature in your email because it helps you isolate important emails from harmful emails. The word spam originated back in the 1980s and was associated with abusive online behavior. From here, any email that contained disturbing and risky information was flagged as spam.

Why Email is Considered a Professional Way of Communication

Serious organizations and companies have invested in robust communication platforms. They include email accounts that are verified and with company domain name extensions. These types of emails that are customized with the domain names are official communication channels for companies. Consider receiving an email with information from a personal email and receiving the same information from a company email? As a serious business person, you will most definitely reply to the email bearing the company domain name. This is because the email with domain name extension is an official email and is bound to carry enough weight. Diego Ruiz Duran is a lawyer that fights for the rights of gender-based violence victims. He attributes his success to official communication with clients through email and this has brought positive development in his cases.

Emails can be used both in a professional and personal manner. Email communication is not always pegged on official communication only, it can also be used to conduct personal communications. Consider a situation where you want to invite your colleagues to a private function that is not work-related. You can use your email and write a single email that you can share as a group email. The email is received by all the people you are inviting simultaneously. Diego Ruiz Duran advises organizations to use the blind copy option when sending emails to different recipients to protect their emails from being seen by unwanted persons.

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