Gold and Inflation in America

There are few metals that have come to define the world and the U.S like gold. From its roots as a show of wealth and flashy furniture to its modern use as a staple of higher quality jewelry and as an investment. Gold has been an important part of U.S history.

Looking ahead at the upcoming decade, gold’s role is only looking to become more important. The role of gold as an investment is reaching all time high levels of returns. Following the COVID pandemic in 2020, gold outpaced even the stock market in investment returns.

And by 2030 there seem to be no signs of gold’s skyrocketing price slowing. Historically gold has had a slow and gradual increase in price, representing one of the safest investments due to its physical and limited nature. Although due to rampant recent inflation this is all subject to change.

Gold gains value when the economy is not rock solid. As inflation is only projected to continue into the next decade, gold is projected to do the same. It’s hard to predict the future of any investment, but if there was ever something to bet on, it’s probably going to be gold.

In An Era Of Inflation, Gold Still Reigns Supreme
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