Guide to Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Guide to Non Emergency Medical Transportation

A large part of the population needs access to healthcare services to continue living a normal life. Some people have friends who can transport them. Some don’t know anyone who can give them a ride in their vehicles to the hospital.

How Does Non Emergency Medical Transportation Work?

NEMT (non emergency medical transportation) is a type of transportation designed for patients who are not in an emergency but need transportation to visit the medical facility. The transportation service provided by NEMT will be fully equipped with the facility to transport the patients in wheelchairs or stretchers.

Usually, you can book NEMT services through a transportation broker. The broker will use special software to book NEMT services. The software will be able to locate the nearest provider of non emergency medical transportation and make arrangements for an appropriate schedule. The service may be compensated by Medicaid. However, if you don’t have Medicaid, you may be able to qualify for coverage through state and local programs. They are willing to pay for the coverage because they know it is cheaper to fund for the patient’s needs in this way rather than waiting until the patient’s condition has become worse.

What is a NEMT Broker?

NEMT broker is in partnership with various providers of transport services. The providers they partner with are in the software. From the software, the broker will launch a search for the provider in the nearest area with a specialized vehicle to cover the patient’s needs. The provider will provide all the necessary medical equipment including wheelchair, scooter, and gurneys.

The software will provide information on all aspects of the NEMT transport services including costs, amount of coverage from the insurance provider, and the driver that will be driving the vehicle. It has a built-in scheduling system that can automatically book transport services. Any provider who can accommodate the request can quickly accept the trip. The patient who is needing transportation will simply have to contact the broker. The broker will ask for information on the time requested and the special needs information. 

NEMT helps people with special needs to be more independent. They don’t have to rely on their family members or friends to transport them. The ability to feel independent can do good to the patient’s health. It will make the patient feel happier and recover faster. The software enables the broker to easily track the location of the drivers and thereby making it convenient for him to arrange for transportation. The software has all the tools you need to make it possible for the broker to book the best transport services.

How Does a NEMT Broker Benefits You?

Firstly, the broker can help you to negotiate a fair rate with the transport services provider. The cost can be cheaper if you can find a broker that works with a volunteer driver. Another thing is that the broker has people who can inspect the vehicle to make sure it is in good condition to fetch the patient. 

You may have an opportunity to view the inspection of the vehicles and give your approval for the vehicle. If you are not satisfied with the vehicle, you can contact the broker and he will take care of the problem. You should find a NEMT broker with a contact center that meets the standards of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

You will be able to avoid canceling your appointment and always be on your schedule to see the doctor. If you always miss the doctor appointment, chances are you will not recover properly. Your medical condition can be worse and you can end up having to stay in hospital. So, if you use NEMT services, you will be able to reduce the funding of healthcare services.