How an Amateur Athlete Can Improve Their Overall Performance

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Most people that take part in sports want to improve in some capacity or another. The body is incredibly interesting as a few extra things done in a workout or throughout the day can make the difference. Something as simple as rolling out your hamstrings and stretching after lifting legs can improve your performance the next day. Other factors come into play like that of sleep as this is the primary time muscles recover. You need to create a list of areas you want to improve in your athletic performance. Your goals should align with the sports that you play as a cross country runner wanting to bench press 400 pounds simply wouldn’t translate positively to the sport itself. The following are tips for an amateur athlete that wants to improve their overall performance.

Focus on Your Nutrition 

The nutrition of some athletes is less than stellar as they can maintain great physiques due to their high activity levels. Athletes need to eat to assist in recovery as there is a window of recovery where nutrients need to be consumed. A slowed recovery period will result in a person not being able to perform during workouts at their top capabilities. Seeking nutrition counseling can make a huge difference as although you can consume extra calories due to exercising, you want to make sure they are the right type of calories. Your nutrition should also be modified in terms of portion control during the offseason or times of low training volume. You want to be able to control your weight to the best of your ability for optimal performance.

Utilize Lab-Tested Supplements

Even the best diets are lacking in certain nutrients or vitamins. You might need additional protein or carbs that you can take in a form of a supplement. You will notice a difference when you supplement something you are lacking in if you are unsure. Make sure these supplements are lab-tested to ensure purity as you want to help your body, not hurt it long-term. Make sure that you are trying to eat as many nutrients as possible as this is the healthiest way to receive them. Things like creatine might be too tough to get from eating although it has been shown to improve athletic performance. 

Mimic Sports Movements When Doing Weights 

Lifting weights should be done safely at all times as some movements are not meant to be mimicked with weight. The start in track or swimming can be weighted and there are plenty of vertical jump movements that can improve both of these. You want to make sure that each exercise that you are doing is benefiting your performance in one way or another. Working with a professional trainer or another athlete can be a great way to motivate yourself. There are tricks to lifting for each sport that can be learned from nearly every amateur athlete. 

Improving your athletic performance is all about trying new things to see how they work out. Trial and error is important as you want to see what works for you!