How Attitudes Toward Health Have Changed

Helen Schifter is a health and wellness expert who recognizes the changes that are happening to the standard way of life, as we once knew it to be the case. Changes don’t have to be challenging – in fact, they can be opportune moments for reflection and consideration. Especially during the current health pandemic of the Coronavirus, these changes are indeed monumental, and drastic. The philosophy that many have, that is certainly a healthy one to have mentally, is that this is an opportunity for us all to re-charge our batteries and be sure not to take anything for granted.

According to Helen Schifter, these changes are important to grasp and to use as an opportunity to cherish our health , and seek to refocus our priorities in a way that are more guided by our health needs. According to Schifter, there has been a neglecting of health priorities that need to be taken more seriously. This is partially a function of changes in our culture and certain things that are being taught to take priority, which certainly shouldn’t.

Let’s be clear. Changes have to be made; and there needs to be a recognition of the fact that these changes won’t be easy, nor will they be simple. The reality is that there needs to be an education of the value of health and wellness to members of the general public, from a young age. This way, they’re imbued with the values they need to recognize the importance of health and wellness – which of course, is critical.

If this is done properly, there will be a proper shift and one that is both cathartic and constructive. So let’s be clear about the importance of shifting importance to health and wellness. This needs to be understood and appreciated. People must recognize this; and wrap their minds and heads around it .

So let’s be clear. There needs to be an education that’s incorporated in the academic institutions of our nation’s youth, and within the confines of the classroom; but it can also happen outside of the classroom. This is something that needs to be understood and appreciated. We owe it to the next generation to ensure they are fully comprehending the value of health and wellness.

Physical health is of paramount importance; and it must be taken seriously by all. There shouldn’t be any choice in the matter. This needs to be well understood and appreciated. But emotional and mental health can also affect one’s physical health. This is something that also needs to be understood to be the case. Once this is established emotional health needs will be taken more seriously.

At long last, there needs to be a renewed understanding among the public of the appreciation and value of mental and emotional health, so that to whatever extend needs exist, they are pursued and adequately satisfied and attended to. This is important to understand.

All types of health are interconnected – emotional and mental health, included. That’s a web of how physical health is impacted. There are so many factors that need to be tended to; and none can be neglected or sacrificed at the expense of another. This needs to be embraced, recognized and internalized.

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Article Editor

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