How Direct Response Marketer Nimrod Santo Overcame Obstacles to Find Success

How Direct Response Marketer Nimrod Santo Overcame Obstacles to Find Success

As great as success, while you’re trying to achieve it, you’ll come across obstacles. These are like road blocks on your journey and they are there to prevent you from moving on to your goal.

They are pitfalls where giving up seems easier than just moving on. They are normal, but you shouldn’t let them stop you.

Setting goals is the first step to success. It does nothing if you don’t actually achieve them, yet while you’re trying to achieve your goals, obstacles are likely to set in.

According to Nimrod Santo, overcoming your obstacles can be easy. He has been there and has gone through many obstacles in his work as a Direct Response Marketer.

Nimrod Santo has decided to share some of the ways he has used to solve his obstacles with us.

Find Out the Obstacle

Entrepreneurship is all about overcoming obstacles. The first step to overcoming an obstacle is to identify it. What do you think is stopping you from achieving your goals? Why are you not meeting your deadline?

When you figure them out, avoid drawing up complaints and giving yourself excuses. For example, if you’re not meeting your deadlines, find out what is taking your time. You may not be doing anything tangible with your time.

Most obstacles are only present because you don’t have your priorities right. Once you’re able to do that, they disappear.

Figure Out What Is Beyond You

Some obstacles are not things you can solve by yourself. No matter what method you think of, you just can’t figure out a way to overcome them. It’s okay.

Some obstacles are like that. Just take a deep breath, highlight the problems you can tackle first, start with them and ask for help when you’re stuck. You never know, an experienced person may have the answer to what you think is insurmountable.

Have a Plan

Going with the flow is great, but more often than not, when you don’t have an active plan you’re not going to get anywhere. So, make a to-do-list. Plan your activities.

Start your day with the items on your list. Know that you’ll have distractions but be ready to overcome them. The lessons you get from the few stumbling blocks in your day will help you with getting over big obstacles.

You can expand your to-do-list from a day to encompass a longer period of time. This way, you can get to all those things you need to do.

Track Your Progress

If you don’t have a way of measuring success after every obstacle, you won’t know that you have gotten over anything. To this end, you can keep a journal to record your various successes after every minor goal has been achieved and challenges.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself compensations after every milestone.

There are ways you can track your progress. The first is to look at the big picture and see how far you’ve come. The second is to set milestones and the third is to be accountable.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn